Tuesday, September 6

Preview: Two new crews for your 1/35th scale U-Boat surface from Border Model

To man their imminent 1/35th scale U-Boat section, Border Model is also releasing two sets of resin figures, either loading a torpedo or firing the main deck gun. We look at them both of the resin figure sets in our preview...

Preview: Two new crews for your 35th scale U-Boat surface from Border Model 

To match the much anticipated release in late November of Border Models new 1/35th scale U-Boat section, the company has released two new resin crews to suit either a fighting at sea or a shore loading scene. We look at both of them now...

The crew at work - loading torpedos and firing the main gun...
The 8.8cm Schiffskanone (Antiship Cannon)
The naval 88mm gun was not the same as the famous 88mm of the German Army. Installed on the Type VIIs, the ammunition was a single unit round (projectile and cartridge) and weighed about 30 pounds (13.7kg). Mounted on a platform just ahead of the conning tower, it had identical controls on both sides, so the crew of two could operate it from either side.

The 8.8 cm/45 SK C/35 mounted on a U-boat and its crew.
Each boat had the 88mm in front of the conning tower and with a good crew they could fire 15-18 rounds a minute. Often used to finish off damaged vessels or sink smaller ships the gun normally had a crew of 3 to 5 and was usually commanded by the second watch officer 

The typically unshielded SK C/35 deck gun of a type VII U-boat is visible below the torpedo tail.
The G7e torpedo was the standard electric torpedo used by the German Kriegsmarine submarines in World War II. It came in 20 different versions, with the initial model G7e(TII) in service at the outbreak of the war.

A crew drawing the torpedo of the (forward) external container on type VIIC U-Boat
The kits:

German Submarines & Commanders (Set of 6) (Plastic model)  
From Border Model
Product Code: BR002
1/35th scale
Six figures in Resin
Release Date: After Nov(Sep. 6, 2022 Pre-order start.)
Price: 6,930yen / 49.45USD
These six figures were originally shown with the U-boat deck and tower section, now it seems like they are a package within themselves and a separate release. They are shown below in resin.
Here they are in resin below...Consisting of the Kapitan, his first officer and a deck gun crew at sea, firing the main 88mm gun; the crew come unassembled; they are cast in grey resin. 
The deck crew seen in a CAD drawing from the designer, Jason studios. He has the grasp of faces and his artistic background suit in designing figures to sculpt.
Herr Kapitan Commandeur and maybe his Wachoffizier (2nd watch officer, with large field optical glasses looking on to the target guiding the men's fire.
From the port, you can see the captain and his first officer with their huge field glasses and the crew at work servicing the gun. There is another crewman, probably assigned to take watch, we are not sure what he is actually doing...
The reverse angle enabling you to see the whole of each figure...Here they are shown in CAD form.
The real thing, in plastic for the ship and resin for the figures...We still can't tell what the other guy at the rear gun is doing :-)

German Submarines & Commanders (Set of 5) (Plastic model)
From Border Model
Product Code: BR003
1/35th scale
Six figures in Resin
Release Date: After Nov(Sep. 6, 2022 Pre-order start.)
Sales Price : 6,120yen / about 43.67USD
This second set for Border Model's new 1/35th scale DKM Type VII-C U-Boat comprises five figures, 3D sculpted and cast in light grey resin. Below you can see the figures of the men loading and the officers on deck in CAD illustration.
The rest of the figures in the set are now shown in grey resin. Along with the U-Boat section, these men are loading the torpedo on the cradle provided in the donor kit.
The deck gun is turned to he side as it would be in real life while these sailors loaded their "fish".
We have spotted that guy "touching" the rear guns again used in this set. he is seen centre of photo. H still hasn't really found anything to do. He is that guy at work how always LOOKS busy, but never ever really does anything...
The Officers again, looking into the distance with their binoculars, this time in CAD illustration by Jason Studios.
The loading crew gently lowering the torpedo into the front compartment. This enables you to have a fighting, and a loading set with your Border U-boat - it is your choice with these two sets...
Border Model's new 1/35th scale DKM Type VII-C U-Boat & these two figure sets will be available in model shops from the end of November, with pre-order from September from 1999.co.jp website (the only one we found so far)

Until we find out more, check out the Border Models website for more information...