Friday, October 14

Preview - MiniArt's 35th scale Farm Cart & Village Accessories

Miniart keep on giving us good accessories to dioramas, mixing and matching already established items with others to make new and interesting combinations. Today we look at their latest combo, their Farm Cart & Village Accessories, in 35th scale, in our preview...
New #MiniArt Kit Coming Soon: Farm Cart & Village Accessories

Farm Cart & Village Accessories
From MiniArt
Kit No #35657
1/35th scale
The box Contains Models of Wooden Cart & Accessories
Miniart has combined their Wooden cart kit with other sprues of hessian sacks full of food and grain, gardening tools and implements to make this new set called "Farm Cart & Village Accessories".

The first sprue is the wooden textured farm cart with bug raised coach bolts and metal plates.
The second sprue contains sacks of grain and vegetables (maybe potatoes?) that have already been harvested.
The tools and implements include a massive scythe, a small sickle, a watering can of the galvanised metal type, three three-pronged pitchforks of slightly different types, and a shovel.
This kit will be released in November from Miniart's suppliers around the world.