Wednesday, October 12

US & Soviet power on display from Trumpeter in December...

Last month, Trumpeter had a US Navy warship & a big Russian truck as new releases. This month, the opposite, with a Russian warship & a US truck & radar. We have boxart, colours, decals, plastic and metal parts all on display in our preview today...

US & Soviet power on display from Trumpeter in December...

M983 Tractor with AN/TPY-2 X Band Radar
1/72nd scale
The AN/TPY-2 radars are high resolution, phased array, X-band radars designed and built specifically for the missile defense mission. The radar can be deployed in one of two modes: terminal or forward-based. In terminal mode, the TPY-2 radar is integrated with a THAAD system, and serves as its primary sensor. In this mode, the sensor is oriented upward to track the late stages of the missile track enabling the THAAD’s capability to intercept both outside the atmosphere and once a reentry vehicle enters the atmosphere. This mode carries a shorter range because of the orientation of the radar.

The colour profile included in this kit
The decal sheet included in the kit 
Masks for the transparent parts are included
In forward-based mode, the radar provides crucial sensor tracks of missiles in boost/early midcourse phase to the GMD system. From these forward-based locations, the TPY-2 are able detect and track missiles in their boost and early midcourse phases, determining information such as its speed and trajectory.

The sprues of this kit

Model Length: 225mm Width: 72mm
Total Sprues 6 sprues, cabin , frame and tires
Released Date 2022-09
The kit consists of over 110 parts
-Rubber tires included

Russian Destroyer Taszkient 1940
The proportional model:1/700th scale
Tashkent (Russian: Ташкент) was the lead ship of her class of destroyer leaders (officially known as Project 20), built in Italy for the Soviet Navy just before World War II. The problems of the previous Leningrad-class destroyer leaders demonstrated that Russian design experience had atrophied in the years since the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the Soviets contracted for design assistance from Fascist Italy in the mid-1930s. Delivered without any armament in 1939, Tashkent was given a temporary armament when she entered service with the Black Sea Fleet in late 1940. She was having her permanent armament installed when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa) in mid-1941.

The colour profile included in this kit
The decal sheet included in the kit 
During the Siege of Odessa, the ship escorted a transport to Odessa and provided naval gunfire support before she was badly damaged by Axis bombers in August. After repairs were completed in November, Tashkent ferried reinforcements and supplies, evacuated wounded and refugees, and bombarded Axis positions during the Siege of Sevastopol in 1941–1942. The last ship to enter Sevastopol harbor in June before the city surrendered, she was crippled by Axis bombers on her return voyage to Novorossiysk and was sunk a few days later during an air strike on the harbor there. Her wreck was refloated in 1944, but it was a constructive total loss and was scrapped after the war.

The sprues of this kit
Model Length: 199.6mm Beam: 19.6mm
Total Parts 110+
Total of  4 sprues, hull and deck
 - hull made from multi-directional slide moulds.
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains engraved name plate
-Photo-Etched parts included