Monday, February 20

New scale - new rubber! MiniArt upscale their D8506 Mod. 1937 in 24th scale.

Miniart were asked by a lot of modellers to upscale their excellent D8506 series of tractors, now they give us their second version, the Mod.1937 in 1/24th scale. We have the colour schemes and features of the kit in CAD in our preview...

New scale - new rubber! MiniArt upscale their D8506 Mod. 1937 in 24th scale.

German‌ ‌Tractor‌ ‌D8506‌ ‌Mod. 1937
From Miniart Models
Kit No #24003
1/24th scale
Tractor & two marking choices inside the box.
The Lanz D8506 tractor was nicknamed the "Bulldog" because of its compact, stocky, and robust appearance. The tractor was a multi-fuel vehicle. The single-cylinder hot-bulb engine ran on heavy oils such as tar, distillation residues such as naphtha and mazut, and other unusual oils (including vegetables) for which there was no use in the combustion of a vehicle until then. This helped during the Great Recession of the 1930s when any fuel was better than none to run their machinery.

Lanz Bulldog tractor D 8506 HR7 - 1938 Agrarmuseum Wandlitz -Brandenburg, Germany.
Lanz Bulldog tractors were able to stay on the production line for many decades (at least in Germany) because their 2-stroke hot-bulb engine was cheap to produce and required little fuel ignitability and resistance to detonation. The simplicity and practicality, combined with the robustness of the vehicle allowed Heinrich Lanz AG to sell the vehicle in a consistent manner, and the tractor concept evolved over the years, becoming an example of commercial success that lasted decades , mainly in Germany. 
The Lanz Ackerluft Bulldog HR7 D8506
    This version was built from 1937 to 1944, with minimal variations:
Compared to the HR5 / HR6, the controller and the fan drive have been relocated to the left side of the engine (the exhaust side)
The injection pump was still driven on the right-hand side via the so-called thumb shaft
A simplified Bosch oiler was attached below the crankshaft
From tractor no.: 130642 - replacement of the jaw coupling with the large disc coupling

The new D8506 Mod.1937 kit from MiniArt...
MiniArt Models has given us the new rubber tyre version of the  German Tractor D8506 Mod. 1937 in 1/24th scale, a kit that many modellers have been asking for a while. This version sports new tyres (in plastic) in place of the steel wheels of the earlier version.

The model features several sprues in light grey and clear injection moulded plastic that make the tractor...
The casing can be depicted off to show the flywheel,
The same on the other side. This is almost a scale that you could put a motor inside it!
The larger rubber tyres(moulded in plastic - whew) are a feature of this kit.
Photo-etched Parts Included
Decal sheet included
Two marking choices are included in the box...
That is all we know about this kit so far, See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...