Thursday, March 2

We look at the moulds & detail of MiniArt's expanded 35th scale street base...

MiniArt's new version of the cobblestone street kit is not just a vac-form kit that needs you to install a solid base under it. It is a fully injection moulded kit with a solid base to build on & three dimensional road pavers. We take a closer look at this new development from Miniart in  our preview...

We look at the moulds & detail of MiniArt's expanded 35th scale street base...

 Cobblestone Road With Tram Line
From Miniart Models
Kit No #36065
1/35th scale
Injection moulded kit
MiniArt's new kit - called "Cobblestone Road With Tram Line" contains two injection molded cobblestone road sections & tram line and tram supports.

Two sections fo road to suit your MiniArt tram in 1/35th scale are included in the box.
The tram line street furniture is included with the two road sections
YOu may have purchased or seen the one of th emany single sections of street before, but this set enables you to put the two sections you recieve int he one box into a longer stretch of road way. 
This will enable you to make a large and maybe more diverse diorama with what you get in the one box instead of buying two kits. A simple solution that can be added to again if you want the longest street on the modelling competition!

The kit and the moulds in detail:
This kit differs from MiniArt's other base sets in that it is completely injection moulded. That means you do not have to fashion your own base of the older-style vac-form base to basically strap on to. MiniArt are looking into this type of technology in the future to make more kits like this one.

The mould of the base - here you see the depth to each of the cobbles of the base.
The grid pattern that gives the underneath the support while saving on weight and plastic.
Another look at the underneath of one of the base sections...
The finished two paving segments cemented together, they look pretty realistic and natural to us. (Not to mention stable!)
You can see here the nature of the road, like real rail sections through cobbled road, it bends and arcs into the depths of the recesses. This is really nice work here and a good step forward for MiniArt.
The completed sprues and bases together - this could be the start of something good!