Thursday, March 2

Italeri's March releases in art, sprues & colours in our preview...

Four releases are due in March from Italeri. We look at their Stinger, Demag, Scania S770 & CR.32 kits in artwork, sprues, parts & decal/marking choices in our preview...
Preview: Italeri's March releases in art, sprues & colours

Scania S770 4x2 - Normal Roof - Limited Edition
From Italeri
1/24th scale
Kit No #3961 
Model Dim. 24,7 cm
Scania S series a key player in the industrial and heavy commercial vehicles market, it has been designed to meet long-range logistics and transportation needs. The new S series was introduced by the famous Scandinavian manufacturer to the market in 2016, and included innovative design solutions. Key design features were incorporated to optimize the use of the space inside the cabin to enhance driver comfort, and greater attention was afforded to more modern ‘active and passive’ safety systems to aid driver control and overall vehicle management. 

The choice included in this kit
The decal sheet is included with several nations number plates and instrument clusters.
The attractive and contemporary new design also reflected the modern aerodynamics of the vehicle and its reduced fuel consumption targets. The Scania S770 4x2 "Normal Roof" with compact cab and the ”Highline” version with the oversized cab, are the industry ‘road tractors’ produced by the famous Scandinavian manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles, with both versions offering excellent options for differing professional and operational requirements.
The sprues & parts of the kit...

The CAD drawings showing the features of the kit
Transparent parts
Masks are included for these...
A small photo-etch sheet is included
Vinyl tyres are included in this kit.

AC-119K Stinger
From Italeri
1/72nd scale
Kit No #1468 
Model Dim. 32,4 cm
The heavy transport-plane Fairchild C-119 served the US-Air Force as a basis for a conversion to a «flying gunship»,. This special construction was especially used in Vietnam for night missions against Vietcong supply lines and troop concentrations. The version AC-119 K was especially effective against truck due to its two 20mm guns and four 7,62mm mini-guns. 

The two colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
A further version, the AC-119 G, had lighter armament. Two additional jet engines were mounted to enable the plane to take off from short runways fully loaded with ammunition. With the entry into service of the more powerful AC-130H these aircraft were progressively handed over to the South Vietnamese air force which used them until the fall of the Saigon government.

The sprues & parts of the kit...

Sd. Kfz. 10 Demag D7 with 7,5 cm leIG 18 and crew
From Italeri
1/35th scale
Kit No #3961 
Model Dim. 13,5cm + 8,0 cm
The Sd.Kfz 10 Demag D7 half-track tractor was used by the German troops in large numbers during the Second World War on all the main fronts from the invasion of Poland, to North Africa, to Russia. It was design and developed to be an effective prime mover for small towed artillery as anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns. 

The three colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
The Demag D7  could carry eight fully equipped soldiers in addition to towing a gun or a trailer. The 4.2-liter Maybach 6-cylinder engine , positioned in the front of the vehicle, could delivered 99 hp. Thanks to its engine the half-track was able to reach a max speed of 65 km/h and to have a good on road and off road performance. The vehicle was reliable and flexible and it was produced in an important number of units and in several versions The light howitzer Le. IG 18 was designed to provide artillery support within infantry companies. Reliable and accurate, towed by DEMAG or Protze tractors, it was often replaced during the war by more powerful and lighter mortars.

The sprues & parts of the kit...
Nine figures are included in this kit.

CR.32 Freccia
From Italeri
1/72nd scale
Kit No #1438
Model Dim. 10,3 cm
Designed in the early part of the '30s, the Fiat CR 32 was powered by an V 12-cylinders, producing 600 hp. It was able to reach, as maximum speed, 375 Km / h. Among the most famous biplanes of aviation History the CR 32 was characterized by an extraordinary manoeuvrability. It was also strong, very reliable and well-armed for the historical period, with two 12.7 mm Breda-Safat machine gun located on the top of engine and firing through the propeller disc. 

The five colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
The Fiat CR 32 had its baptism of fire with the Legionary Air Forces, during the Spanish Civil War, and soon obtained the air superiority against the Soviet-made monoplane fighters, like the Polikarpov I-16, that formed the Squadrons of Republican Aviation. Thanks to the extraordinary mobility and the training of pilots, the Italian fighters prevailed even on from more modern enemy airplanes such as the Soviet-made Tupolev SB-2 bomber considered, thanks to its speed, impossible to be intercepted.

The sprues & parts of the kit...