Wednesday, February 22

U-boot Im Focus #21 - Images & contents in our preview...

With carefully researched text & never-before seen photographs, stories & artwork - new issues of "U-Boot Im Focus" from Luftfahrtverlag-Start are highly anticipated. We have the info on this new, expanded edition, with images & contents in our preview...

U-boot Im Focus #21 - Images & contents in our preview...

U-boot Im Focus #21
From Luftfahrtverlag-Start
By Axel Urbanke
58 pages
Softcover, A4 Portrait format
65 photos, 6 in colour
2 coloured conning tower front views, 1 coloured document, 2 coloured maps.
Price: 24.80€
Available from the Luftfahrtverlag-start webpage or from their resellers worldwide in subscription or as single issues
Time today to preview the 21st edition of "U-Boot Im Focus" from Author Axel Urbanke and his hard-working team at Luftfahrtverlag-Start. This issue has an EXPANDED fifty-eight pages in a glossy soft-covered, A4 sized book, filled with the best in U-Boat and naval stories and images from the era. Most of the stories and photographs are previously unpublished with new stories to captivate the readers of the series and anyone interested in history itself. 

We look at the contents and some photos of the pages below...

U-boot Im Focus #21 Contents:
• Pennants: Return from the Dreaded 13th War Cruise – A Summary of U-453’s Actions
• Boat in Focus: U-403 – The Boat with the “Rushing Wolf” Emblem on its Conning Tower - The Story of a Norwegian Sea Boat with a Previously Unknown Emblem
• Photos with a story: The March Dedicated to Kptlt. Kretschmer (U-99) - The story of an almost forgotten incident.
• Fates: U-858 – The First Kriegsmarine Vessel to Surrender to the USA after the German Surrender
• Documents: When the World of the U-Boat Crews Was Still in Order
• Scenery: The Men Whose Work Remained in the Dark
• Unknown emblems: When the World of the U-Boat Crews Was Still in Order
• Unusual: Rank Insignia on the Commander’s Oilskin
• Commanders: Oblt.z.S. Viktor-Wilhelm Nonn (U-596)

This book is now available through the order page for around 24.80€ (minus P&P depending on where you live) from the Luftfahrtverlag-Start web page