Wednesday, March 8

Let's build this Focke! Border's build of their new 35th scale Fw 190A-6

Border Models new Fw 190A6 in 35th scale seems to be getting ever closer to release. With box art and a test build cropping up. The kit is taking shape. We have some of Mumu Zheng’s progress along the way in our preview...
Let's build this Focke! Border's build of their new 35th scale Fw 190A-6

Focke Wulf Fw190A-6
W/WGr.21, Full Engine & Clear Cowling & Gun Bays.
From Border Model
1/35th scale
Kit No BF003
Photo-etched parts included:
Transparent engine cover & Gun Bays
2 Schemes included in the box
Mumu Zheng, of Mumu Zheng’s Scale model page on Facebook, has it seems for a while been the in-house build tester of Border Model's new kits. He has posted some photos of the latest model in their 1/35th scale aviation range, the Focke Wulf Fw 190A-6 for us to squint at. The test shots are certainly coming to life! 

Below are the sprues of the kit laid out on his desk...
A while ago, we looked at the engines mounted on the kit. At the time, they were mounted upside down. The instructions show the proper alignment now. That kit was without instructions at that stage of development).
The constructed engine of the test kit. Very detailed...
More examples of the instructions of the lower and insides of the wing and fuselage floor
The same area under construction, with the wing halves joining the fuselage, hopefully eliminating seam work for the modeller.
The instructions showing the details of the wheel wells
The large prop and spinner plus main wheels...
Instructions showing all of the details to put together before the fuselage is mated up.
The cockpit "tub", showing a fairly detailed pit in 35th scale...
A lot of the seam work here will spread to other joins so as to not mar the centre-line of the kite.
The cockpit tub in place. Looks like you can put the engine in latter on which is a plus.
The canopy of the kit. We only saw a glimpse of the canopy so far so we can't confirm types included.

More on this kit when it comes to market. For more on Border Models products, look at their website