Thursday, March 9

More steps of the 35th scale Fw 190A-6 construction from Border Model

We didn't think we would get an update on Mumu Zheng’s test build of Border Models new Fw 190A6 in 35th scale so quicky. He has almost finished it however - so at the risk of too much of a good thing; we are bringing you our coverage of the home straight of his construction process in our updated preview...

More steps of the 35th scale Fw 190A-6 construction from Border Model

Focke Wulf Fw190A-6
W/WGr.21, Full Engine & Clear Cowling & Gun Bays.
From Border Model
1/35th scale
Kit No BF003
Photo-etched parts included:
Transparent engine cover & Gun Bays
2 Schemes included in the box
Mumu Zheng, of Mumu Zheng’s Scale model page on Facebook, has it seems for a while been the in-house build tester of Border Model's new kits. Te Focke Wulf Fw 190A-6 for us to squint at. The test shots are certainly coming today, he has posted some more images of Border Models new 35th scale entry, and what we see really is  good to our eyes! We will look at each of the images to see what we can glean.

Starting at the landing gear, we can see the non-weighted wheels are otherwise flush with tread, bolt and lettering detail. The gear itself is supplied with thin hydraulic tubes and the linkages are supplied in good detail also.
The instructions that show the landing gear options and construction process...
A look at the gear installed in the wing from underneath.
The inside of the gear bay is also detailed.
From front-on, the gear looks to be at the right angle for us.
From underneath showing the exposed gear bays, and the underside of the optional exposed engine cowling.
The wing root, showing the twin cannon in place. These will have covers that can be removed or left in place permanently.
An option to show the gear bay on or off in the correct panel lines is much welcome. The box art of the kit says that there is a clear cowling included also. Notice that the engine is placed correctly in this test build!
A view from the underside of the engine, showing the cowling option on or off.
The underside showing a few things of note, the fabric control surfaces that can be posed by the modeller, the rear gear leg and wheel and the droptank rack that can be used or left off the kit.
The nearly completed model. This looks a mile ahead of the first test shot we saw late last year. This is why test shots and build are so important. As well as not judging a test kit as you would a finished model. To us, this is looking very nice so far.

More on this kit when it comes to market. For more on Border Models products, look at their website