Wednesday, March 29

Preview: Two new kits of men on a new frontier in March-April 2023...

Masterbox bring us two figure sets for this month; A scene of Frontiersmen trading in the US in the 18th century & a figure of German Hubris during early WWII are the two subjects. We look at the kits in our preview....

Preview: Two new kits of men on a new frontier in March-April 2023...

"Indian Wars Series, XVIII century. Kit No. 4. Fair exchange"
Kit No #35222 
1/35th scale.
Three figures are included.
Kit #35222 continues the series of kits that can be dated to the wars between the British, the French and indigenous tribes of the United States in the 18th century. However, this kit has quite a peaceful plot. An Indian has arrived at one of the forts and is trying to establish trade relations with the inhabitants of the fort. It looks like he managed to arise the interest of the British military and the trapper and now there will be a fair exchange between these frontier men.
The kit contains a sprue with parts to assemble 3 figures: Indian, British Army Soldier and trapper. The figures are detailed richly, made at a high artistic level, being rather miniature sculptures, they are animated greatly and interacting well with each other, making up a single plot, a whole story.

The Indian trader, highfalutin' top hat and all!
The trapper or trader here, seen dressed in furs with trapper's hat. Very much the Daniel Boone type!
The British soldier from both angles, showing his rifle, fur skinned pack and three sided hat. 

"German Military Man, 1939-1941"
From Masterbox
Kit No #35227 
1/35th scale.
One figure & 1 sprue of different weapons & ammunition included.
Kit #35227 continues the series of kits dedicated to the Second World War. The kit contains two sprues. One sprue contains a set of parts for assembling one figure of a German soldier. Despite the static pose, the figure has an air of empowerment, unknowing the bad turn that he and his comrades would face in the upcoming times. 
There are two sets of hands in the kit that allows creating visually two different versions of the figure. The other sprue contains a variety of items of German ammunition of that time and will be a great tool  for the modeller.

The kit allows both to create an expressive vignette and to use the figure when creating a large-scale diorama as an addition to the figures of any manufacturer in the same scale.

For more info - check out Masterbox's website.