Monday, April 24

Preview: Special Hobby's latest kits & resin in May

We have a look at Special Hobby' (+CMK & Planet Models) new kits, prints, masks & aftermarket resin, with sprues, at & some colours for each one today in our preview...

Preview: Special Hobby's latest kits & resin in May

Every month Special Hobby seem to release a bunch of kits and aftermarket. Most of these pretty interesting. We thought we would show you what's new in a preview.

Mirage IIIC ‘Armée de l'Air’
 From Special Hobby
1/72 Scale
Price: $27.68 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The Mirage IIIC was the first jet produced in Western Europe to break the double speed of the sound in the level flight. The type was the very first of te whole family of Mirage fighters IIIC, IIIE and 5 some of which keep flying even until these days. The Mirage IIICJ was the epitome of the Israeli air supremacy in the wars with the neighbouring Arab countries during the War over Water, Six Day War, Attrition War and Yom Kipur War as well as many other more minor conflicts. A great number of Israeli fighter pilots became aces flying their Mirages. 
The Mirage IIIC saw service with the domestic Armée de l’Air, too, the first airframes being fitted with a unique belly mounted rocket booster motor to enhance the performance in the initial climb. The later machines though had this booster removed to enable them to carry more ordnance to more distant targets. The Mirage IIIC was also delivered to the SAAF and some of the ex-IAF machines found their way to Argentina. The type completely proved worthy in its role of air superiority jet.
As many as seven sprues of grey styrene plus one sprue with clear parts offer highly and finely detailed parts, the kits also has a sheet of decals with markings for four French machines, two of which flew in the natural colour of metal (one of them of the early booster-fitted variety), then also one machine in blue grey over aluminium and one in the later desert scheme.
- superbly detailed model
- attractive colour schemes and decals
- also available for this model: pre-cut paint masks M72041 and accessory sets Q72401Mirage IIIC Wheels, Q72402 Mirage IIIC Mirage IIIC Atar 9B Engine Nozzle and Q72403 Mirage IIIC Seat

AF-2 Guardian ‘Fire Bomber’ 
 From Special Hobby
1/48th scale
Price: $58.36 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The largest single engine, piston engine aircraft to have ever been flown from the decks of aircraft carriers – yes this is the apt description of the anti-submarine AF-2 Guardian aeroplane. Following the Korea War, the Guardians were redelegated to reserve units and eventually struck off charge. Some of them, however, and mainly due to the strength of their airframe and their excellent range and payload capability, were given a new lease of life and converted to fire fighting machines which kept flying well until the 1970s.
  The kit consists of seven grey styrene sprues, one with clear parts, a set of  PUR parts and a fret of etches. There are also two styles of the water tanks available and the decal sheet caters for markings of a trio of machines.
-    Limited edition
-    Unique version

CH-37C "Deuce USMC"
 From Special Hobby
1/72nd scale
Price: $49.94 USD  from Hobbylink Japan
Special Hobby's 1/72-scale model kit of the CH-37C Deuce is back after a long absence! This version features newly moulded additional tanks and pylon parts; photo-etched parts, resin parts, and decals for three U.S. Marine Corps versions are also included.
A full suite of resin to upgrade the kit parts is in the box.
Three interesting colour choices are included

Nakajima Ki-43-II Ko/Otsu Hayabusa ‘Japan's allies’
 From Special Hobby
1/72nd scale
Price: $22.86 USD  from Hobbylink Japan
The Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar was arguably one of the most significant fighter types of the Japanese Army Air Force. The Oscar was also delivered to the air forces of Japan allies as were the puppet state of Manchuria and Thailand. The Manchukuo Imperial Air Force Oscars bore interesting and colourful markings and on the fuselage sides also had large presentation slogans. The Thai fighters saw combat against USAAF aircraft and several of remaining examples were still in service after the war with the Royal Thai Air Force.
  The kit portrays both the Manchurian Ki-43-II Koh version and the Thai Ki-43-II Otsu machine. The latter can be modelled in two various camouflage and marking styles, either wearing camouflage pattern of small colour blotches and white elephant national markings. 
Or in standard camouflage pattern of rather large colour field with markings of stripes in the Thai national colours.

HESA Shahed 136 / Geran-2 
 From Planet Models
Kit No #129-PLT279
1/48th scale
Price: $29.48 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The Iran-made HESA Shahed 136 / Geran-2 drone is used by the Russian military to terrorize Ukraine and to attack its civil infrastructure. Our model is resin cast and comes with a few 3D-printed parts and is available in the Planet Model range. It also has a sheet of decals.

PT-109 Boat Weapon Set No.3 - 37 mm Gun M3 1/72
 From CMK
Kit No #129-N72032
1/48th scale
Price: $9.03 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The main fire armament of the PT-109 boats was the US-made 37mm M3 anti-tank cannon carried on supporting arms and was mounted on the bow behind a shield. The kit’s styrene barrel can be replaced with a new one that is 3D-printed and which also offers much more detail and comes with etches.

PT-109 Boat Weapon Set No.3 - 37 mm Gun M3
 From CMK
Kit No #129-N72042
1/72nd scale
Price: $10.83 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The later batches of the PT boats had the 37mm M4 automatic cannon mounted on their bows, which was the very same armament as used on the P-39 fighter aeroplanes. Our resin replica is much better detailed that that of the original kit’s styrene item.

Towbar for Mig 15/17 and other jets
 From CMK
Kit No #129-N72042
1/48th scale
Price: $8.42 USD  from Hobbylink Japan
Tow Bar made by direct 3D print with photo-etched hooks. This type of
tow bars was used to tow MiG 15 and 17 jets.

These new kits are available on Special Hobby's Website