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IBG Models 1/35th scale Chevrolet C60L Ambulance in art & CAD images

A vehicle that could be included on most any Allied diorama from WWII, the Chevrolet C60L Ambulance in 1/35th scale from IBG looks to be a simple, but detailed kit that will be popular with modellers. We look at the art & CADs to see the feature set of the kit in our preview

IBG Models 1/35th scale Chevrolet C60L Ambulance in art & CAD images

Chevrolet C60L Ambulance
From IBG Models 
1/35th scale 
Plastic & Photo-etched kit
Price: $68 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The Subject: The Chevrolet C60L Ambulance
Since the 1930s, the British Armed Forces have worked with Canada to negotiate military vehicle guidelines. Two companies, Chevrolet and Ford, have developed a series of military trucks with a common body on each chassis. The C15 is a 3/4-ton series, and the A is a four-wheel drive. The body is divided into Cab 11, Cab 12, and Cab 13, which has a greatly changed shape. When the war began, a large amount of demand occurred, and both companies produced more than 500,000 units. Various special types are also produced based on the basic chassis.

CMP Chevrolet photographic lorry, photographed on the 1st Dec 1944. This CMP was likely set up to develop x-ray film for a medical unit. Note the not often seen radiator cover, and the round hatch has its canvas cover. Also there is a war aid decal on the door.
Ford Model F60L AMB Military Ambulance from the 2nd Motor Ambulance Convoy, RCASC parked in a bombed out village in Normandy, 11 August 1944.

The Kit: IBG Models 1/35th scale Chevrolet C60L Ambulance
This model kit from IBG includes parts to build the stretcher, sheets, and shelves inside the vehicle. There are markings supplied for a few ambulances during WWII and photo-etch parts (a minimum amount) to improve details.

The CAD images from all angles of the kit show us a little more about the model...
There is photo-etch included in this kit, but it is kept to a minimum to speed up and simplify the build.
Looking from front on you can see the photo-etched grille included in this kit.
The front cab is supplied as the covered unit.
The roof has details included on the rear box/cab
Looking from the rear left of the truck, you can see the photo-etched mudguards included in the kit.
The right hand side of the truck
The other side, showing the air ventilation near the top front corner of the cabin box
Clear parts are supplied for the windows and headlights of the kit.
The twin rear doors of course open up to display the internal details of the rear cab/ box
The driver/ passenger compartment is included in full detail with all of the driver's controls present...
The complete chassis and running gear of the truck is included in this kit
You can see inside the rear cabin box to the two littler positions either side of the rear compartment
This kit will be available from hobby shops near the end of this month. For more details check their website: the IBG Facebook Page...

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