Thursday, June 1

Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale F/A-18D Hornet VMAF(AW)-242 "Bats"

With a motto such as "MORS EX TENEBRIS" (death from the dark) and a cool colour schemes such as the one on the boxart, who could not be partial to Kinetic Models new Gold Edition boxing of the 48th scale F/A-18D Hornet VMAF(AW)-242 "Bats" kite? We don't have much to go on (yet), but what we do is in our preview for you today...

Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale F/A-18D Hornet VMAF(AW)-242 "Bats"

F/A-18D Hornet VMAF(AW)-242 "Bats"
Gold Series kit
From Kinetic Model
Kit No #K48121
1/48th scale
Markings for three aircraft included by Fightertown Decals
The aircraft depicted on the boxart by Antonis Karydis are the special markings applied to a McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D "Hornet" of Marine All- Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 242 (VMFA (AW) -242) "Bats" - III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) - Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG-12) - 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW) of the US Marine Corps.
Captured in 2020 (we think) this aircraft was based at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and it bears the special markings of the Commanding Officer's aircraft.
This kit is part of Kinetic's Gold Series, which normally mean a better designed and fitting kit. We know that one of the aircraft is the CO's aircraft from VMAF(AW)-242 "Bats" from the USMC. We know the decals are made by Fightertown Decals.

That is all we have so far - past that is the boxart by Antonis Karydis, but  at this time no release date or price. We do know at least one of the marking choices for a start! We will let you know here if there are any updates on this kit's features.

Until then, keep an eye on Kinetic Model's website for more info...