Friday, June 2

Preview: Italeri's June releases in art, sprues, colours...

A Ghibli, a dump truck, the king of the battlefield and the viper's pit are the latest releases from Italeri in June.  We look at the artwork, sprues, parts & decal/marking choices in our preview...

Preview: Italeri's June releases in art, sprues, colours...

AMX "Ghibli"
From Italeri
No #1460
1/72nd scale
100% new mould kit
Photo-etch included
Four marking choices in the box
The AMX "Ghibli" single-engine ground attack aircraft was the result of a collaborative project between the Italian and Brazilian aviation industries. The project was initiated in the 1980s to replace the dated Italian Air Force’s Fiat G-91Y fighter-bomber. The Brazilian Air Force also needed to replace their Italian made MB-326s. The AMX had an aerodynamic lay-out characterized by a high swept wing, and with its Rolls-Royce Spey 807 engine could attain a maximum speed of 1,000 km / h.

Decal sheet for 4 versions
The four marking choices in this kit - All Italian aircraft.
The Italian version was armed with a 20 mm M61 cannon and could carry an offensive payload of 3,800 kg. The Ghibli was deployed in several operational theatres (eg Afghanistan, Libya) to undertake advanced reconnaissance missions and also to provide close tactical support to ground troops.

The Kit from Italeri: The 1/72nd scale AMX "Ghibli"
The kit (number #1460) will be highly detailed with all-new parts, with a full combat load and a nice set of four markings from Italian aircraft. We have sprues, the colours and even a built up sample to show you...

Features of this kit:
- 100% New Mould kit
The three simple sprues of this kit...
Cockpit glass is clear & transparent
- Detailed cockpit and ejection seat
- Fine engraved panel lines
- Landing gear accurately reproduced
- Alternative parts for early and late ACOL versions
- Photoetched parts are included
Italeri's model builders have made and painted the test kit for a good example for us...

Freightliner Heavy Dumper Truck
From Italeri
No #3783
1/24th scale
Model Dim. 34,2 cm
Five marking choices in the box
The renowned US Portland based company "Freightliner Trucks", which operates in the industrial vehicle sector and is owned by the automotive giant Daimler, is mainly known for being one of the key manufacturers of trucks used for “on road” transportation roles. 

The decal sheet is included with five number plates and dash board decals.
 However, it is also important to recognise the versatility and success over time, of those Freightliners that were dedicated to "heavy duties" jobs. In fact, market demand for "quarry and construction" vehicles saw strong growth in the late 1970s and early 1980s, subsequently impacting the production volumes of the main truck and heavy vehicle manufacturers. Freightliner designers have worked on the most suitable technical solutions to meet the needs of the construction market, namely, reinforced chassis and rear axles for greater payload, tough and sturdy tipping rear decks, optimized engines and transmissions for demanding loads and steep slopes.

The sprues & parts of the kit...
Clear parts are included for the windows and lights
Rubber tyres are included
Chromed parts are included on this truck
The kit made up by Italeri's model makers...

M1A1 Abrams
From Italeri
No #6596
1/35th scale
Model Dim. 27,9 cm
Four marking choices in the box
The 3rd generation American main battle tank the M1 Abrams, is the backbone of the United States Army and United States Marine Corps armoured divisions. The Abrams is characterized by its heavy armour (it is one of the heaviest combat vehicles in the world), and also its  powerful multifuel turbine engine. The tank first entered service at the beginning of  the 1980’s to replace the  ageing M-60.  It houses a sophisticated computerized fire and control system within its modern armour  plated hull. 

The colour/marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet is included .
The Abrams offers greater crew protection than many of  its predecessors , specifically  in the design of  the separate and heavily protected ammunition storage area  within the  main body of the tank. It was initially armed with a 105 mm main gun which is to be up-dated and replaced by a more modern and powerful 120 mm smooth-bore cannon. The Abrams has been extensively and successfully deployed on operational service in  several theatres of war, including  recent conflicts  in the  Middle East and Afghanistan.

The sprues & parts of the kit...
New gluable tracks or link and length tracks
Mesh included for engine grilles...

F-16 Cockpit
From Italeri
No #2990 
1/12th scale
Model Dim. 34,2 cm
The F-16 Fighting Falcon, produced by the American company General Dynamics since the late '70s, is a real icon of the military aviation history. It was originally developed, according the United States Air Force need,  to provide a modern and effective single-seat air superiority day fighter. However the project has progressively evolved and created an all-weather multirole aircraft able to have  an extraordinary operational flexibility 
The F-16 is characterized by an original design easily recognizable by the frameless bubble canopy, which guarantees great visibility to the pilot. The F-16 adopted innovative solutions such as the side-mounted control stick, the "fly-by-wire" control system and modern avionics to enhance  flight and combat performances.  The kit enables you to rebuild the "Cockpit" of the famous "Falcon" which incorporated innovative design features at the time of its introduction to the US and NATO fighter squadrons.

Kit feature list...
115 parts - Fully detailed real F-16 cockpit controls 
- Fully detailed MD ACES II ejection seat 
- Complete cockpit dials decals
- Adhesive acetate silk seat belts 
- Pilot’s visor, gunsight and radar scope clear parts 
- Pilot’s helmet and oxygen mask

The decal sheet is included for the instruments as well as the nameplate for the kit.
The harnesses are included also
Plastic piping is included...
The sprues & parts of the kit...
The completed kit, put together by Italeri's modellers in-house

We will present more news on these kits as they comes to hand. From more on Italeri's kits check out their website...