Wednesday, July 19

Something for the weekend? Italeri's "Complete Sets" (also for adults...)

Italeri has commenced a new set of models that contain not only the kit, but pretty much everything you would need to complete a basic model like this to a decent standard - all in one box. We look at the "Complete Set" kits contents in our preview...

Something for the weekend? Italeri's "Complete Sets" (also for adults...)

Italeri has started a new series of "Complete Sets" - model kits with not only the kit, but the acrylic paint, decals, glue brush, tweezers, sandpaper & even a sprue cutter included to make it an all-in-one build day contender!
There are two kits in the initial batch of these complete set kits - the first is an F-16 C/D Night Falcon, while the second is an M1 Abrams. Both in 1/72nd scale. Below is in example of what you find inside the box for the F-16 kit.
Both us modelling experts and beginner model makers can use the "Complete Sets"  - they also look to be a good gift idea for friends and relatives. On the package it says "+14 years old"- but we think that younger modellers would get the most out of these kits...

F-16 C/D Night Falcon
From Italeri
No #72009
1/72nd scale
Two marking choices in the box
All of the box contents here with the bonus made up F-16C/D falcon (you can make single or twin seater). There is only one kit in the box and of course it comes unassembled. 

M-1 Abrams 
From Italeri
No #72004
1:72nd scale
Two marking choices in the box (Canadian & US)
The contents of the Abrams box and built up kit (you of course have to build it yourself ;-)
The paints, flue and tools ARE basic, but enough to get you by on a rainy weekend - or a young or beginner's model career started.

The Complete Set for Modeling line will be expanded with other interesting subjects dedicated to the Second World War soon.
These should be in shops at the beginning of next month. From more on Italeri's kits check out their website...