Monday, July 3

TMN on Tour: JasModel @ the 2023 Zhengzhou Xinghuo Scale Model Event

2023 Zhengzhou Xinghuo Scale Model Event went ahead in the Hanan province on the 22nd and 23rd of June. It hosted many model companies with several great models from talented builders. We take a look at the works on display in our preview...

Event: 2023 Zhengzhou Xinghuo Dimensional Animation Game Carnival Model Contest
Where: Zhengzhou Xinghuo, Hanan, China
When: 22nd & 23rd of June 2023
This year's 2023 Zhengzhou Xinghuo Scale Model Event was held last weekend in the Yellow River, is the capital of east-central China's Henan province. 
The people from JAsModel were at the show, they sell the most amazing metal framed aircraft. They were one of the exhibitioners at the show along with Snowman, Dispae, Yan Model, Dragon, Vespid Models, Frost Ark, BigBlueBoy, Liang, Sootang Hobby & Heavy hobby in attendance also.
Below we have a gallery of the models at the show from all categories to show you some of the talent on display at the show.

You can scroll down or double click on an image then arrow key if you like...
Thanks to our friends at JasModel who gave us his photo-report on the event. They have their own shop you can check out if you like.