Tuesday, September 12

MiniArt's new cheese sellers in 35th scale...

Blessed are MiniArt's new set of cheese sellers. These "Krafty" young lasses are milking it on the street collecting (& selling) the cheddar. See their latest kit of two cheesy chicks & their dairy goodness in our preview...

MiniArt's new cheese sellers in 35th scale...

Cheese Sellers
From MiniArt Models
Kit No: 38076
1/35th scale
The kit contains two figures and cheese, plus a cart in the box.
MiniArt is making lots of new 1/35th scale figures, accessories & vehicles to match your dioramas that aren't specifically military subjects, or those that can be added to your military scenes. This set combines the two girls selling cheese, the cart, some wooden crates and the cheese that is on offer. We will look at them in turn now.

The two figures are the first sprues off the rank
The two sprues make up the cat that the cheese is moved and sold on. 
Two sprues of wooden crates are provided for the cheese to be placed in on the dart.
We also have two sprues of cheese in the kit for the girls to sell.
VERY large cheese rolls, typical in some parts in Europe are included
Some excellent decals for the cheese are included also in this kit
This kit should be available next month from MiniArt's distributors worldwide. You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...

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