Monday, September 11

Preview: Galaxy Models 72nd, 48th & 32nd scale WWII II U.S. Navy pilot figures on deck!

Galaxy Model continue to develop their 3D printed resin line, with all-new figures of Naval aviation pilots from WWII. We look at the info on hand & images in our preview...

Preview: Galaxy Models 72nd, 32nd & 48th scale WWII II U.S. Navy pilot figures on deck!
From Galaxy Models
1/48th scale
Release date: TBA (soon)
To compliment their recent modern US pilots and aircraft accessories & upgrades, Galaxy Models have gone back to the past, - WWII to be precise - to give modellers more of what they need in 3D sculpted figures. These are ten new US Navy & Marine pilots (& a few  that might not have served on the front line) for your aircraft dioramas. We do not know that much about them, or have any links for them yet. But we will look at each of them quickly before release...

This series includes 10 distinct World War II US Navy carrier-based aircraft pilots, scaled at 1/48, 1/72, and 1/32. Utilizing 10-micron 3D printing technology, they are crafted using red wax-colored photopolymer resin. The entire statue is printed as a single piece, eliminating the need for assembly, gluing, or filling, and is ready to be painted. They are expected to hit the market by the end of this month.

The first fellow looks very animated, giving the "shooter" fingers to a fellow comrade we think!
Looking pretty concerned or attentive, this aviator stands, hands on hips looking intently in the distance...
When World War II broke out, hundreds of women took to the skies in support of the war effort. Many contributed as Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). These female pilots in this set could be WASPS or even from a "What-if?" scenario...  
This rather slim female pilot is seen in full flying gear with a large navigational map ready for flight...
Looking off into the distance with her binoculars, this female pilot looks dramatic enough, with her scarf catching the wind as she looks for aircraft.
We did not know that Steve Buscemi was a pilot in WWII - but he must be younger than his looks! He gets out the "Pilot hands" in this pose.
In an interesting but conservative pose, this airman looks like he is stopping for a photograph.
A classic pose, this airman is seen leaning on the aircraft or cowling  - vintage!
Putting on his thick flying gloves before take-off. This pilot has his chute on, ready to go.
Running to his kite - this pilot strikes a dramatic pose as he rushes across the deck (or tarmac) to fight.
We do not know the release dates of these just yet, but when we do we will let you know more. Until then, use the links below to find them closer to you!

Galaxy Model products can be readily purchased on eBay, from Hobbylink Japan, the 48thers in Europe, or foreign (non-Chinese resident) customers can also buy Galaxy products directly using PayPal via email at