Sunday, September 3

New figures & weapons from The Bodi released...

The Bodi from Hungary have new 35th scale figure & weapon sets to add to their release from last month. A US & Finnish soldier (& weapon set) from WWII. We look at them in our preview...

New figures & weapons from The Bodi released...

 US Army Mountain troop soldier (WW II) #1
From The Bodi
 1/35th scale
Code:# 35205
Material: Resin/Weight:20 gr
Price: €14
The Bodi have produced a new figure in 1/35th scale. Sculpted by Stefano Il Libanese D'antonio from research by Stefano Bugna, this figure depicts a US Army Mountain troop soldier from the WWII era.
A soldier of the 10th Mountain Division, in the Gothic line, 1944 during the long grinding assault northwards by the Allied forces. He is seen put together and painted by Cigersa Enrico.
The figure comes in unassembled parts in unpainted resin. The figures is seen in cold weather gear, and wrapped up against the cold in the hills and mountains of central Italy.
Of course you will have to build your own scenery, but this figure shows pretty well what this guy can look like when time and effort is taken. We noticed that he is noted as #1 in a set - perhaps more to come with a comrade down the track?

Finnish Soldier WW II
From The Bodi
 1/35th scale
Design by Sándor Harsányi boxart by László György
This figure of a Finish soldier from the WWII era is sculpted in 1/35th scale by  by Sándor Harsányi. Ge comes unassembled and unpainted in cast grey resin.
Seen at stand down in pose, his Finnish WWII Suomi KP/-31 M31 9mm SMG with Drum Magazine held at his port side as he surveys the scene before him. He has been brought to life in colour by the box artist László György.
He has a full contingent of packs and flask, food and ammo with him. The sculptor has made a lot of definition and depth to the figure's clothing with wrinkles and folded cloth under the straps of his packs.

Finnish Weapons WWII
From The Bodi
 1/35th scale
Design by Sándor Harsányi boxart by László György, 
Price: €12
The weapons include din this set are (from top to bottom):
- 7.62 Rifle model 39 (Ukko-Pekka) x 1
- 7.62 Light machine gun model 26 (Lahti-Saloranta) x 1
- 9 mm Submachine gun model 31 (Suomi) x 2
- 9 mm Pistol model 35 (Lahti) x 2 + holster
The set contains 3-D printed resin weapons x 6  - they come on supports that need to be trimmed off.

These two figures and the set are now available from The Bodi Website...