Sunday, September 3

Preview: New Mirage 2000-5 full cockpit for the 32nd scale Kittyhawk kit from Reskit...

Reskit continue to upgrade your 1/32nd scale cockpits with their resin & decals. Those who have an unbuilt Kittyhawk 32nd scale Mirage 2000-5, well, it's your lucky day - as a brand new set to completely revolutionize that 'pit is on its way from Ukraine.

Preview: New Mirage 2000-5 full cockpit for the 32nd scale Kittyhawk kit from Reskit...

Mirage 2000-5 cockpit
From Reskit Models
1/32nd scale
Kit No #RSU32-0058
Recommended for kit: Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000-5 
Hot on the heels of the full cockpit of the F-111 family in 1/32nd scale (we reviewed a while ago) Reskit have brought out another, full cockpit in the form of kit no #RSU32-0058. This one is for the Mirage-2000-5 kit to insert in your 1/32nd scale Kittyhawk model you have been saving up (for the apocalypse maybe?).
Kittyhawk never really gave us the updated Mirage 2000-5 cockpit in their 1/32nd scale kit. There were lots of parts and markings for that aircraft in the box, but no instrument panel to match this updated kite. This kit fixes that problem and gives you a great upgrade to the kit parts even if they were supplied.

In his excellent Kittyhawk kit review for TMN, Gary Wickham stated: "Compared to the 2000C, the 2000-5 has a vastly improved workspace. The Sextant TMV-980 data display system has been replaced by the Sextant Comete system, which employs a wide-angle HUD, three HDDs and a head-level display below the HUD."
Parts of the Reskit cockpit include:
- The new replacement kit from Reskit comes unpainted and unassembled. 
- Full cockpit instrument panel with 3D decals
- Photo Etch parts
This kit is specially designed to fit the Kitty Hawk kit in 1/32nd scale.
We have a few photos of the completed kit:

This kit is available to purchase at the link below. You can see more of this kit on the Res-Kit Website...