Friday, October 27

Arma Hobby Celebrates their 10th birthday with a "Jubilee" kit...

It is Arma Hobby's 10th birthday - & to celebrate, they will release a special edition kit with 3D printed parts & three marking choices for the 48th scale Hurricane Mk.IIc during the raid at Dieppe as their "Jubilee" kit. See what's included in our preview...

Arma Hobby Celebrates their 10th birthday with a "Jubilee" kit...

Hurricane Mk IIc Jubilee - Anniversary Special Edition
by Arma Hobby
Kit no #40006
1/48th Scale
Due: November 2023
Plastic, masks & 3D printed parts
Arma's "Jubilee" for their 10th anniversary
This November, Arma Hobby celebrates its 10th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, for modellers, they have prepared a special, jam-packed anniversary model kit - Hurricane IIC "Jubilee" in 1/48 scale. This is a set with marking schemes from Operation "Jubilee" - the Allied Dieppe landing, with a box filled with a full set of 3D-printed resin accessories. 
This unique kit is released in a limited series for the 10th anniversary of Arma Hobby and will not be reissued. So far, the accessories included in this kit have only been available in the Arma store during promotional pre-sales, never with a single model.

The new kit from Arma Hobby:
This new tropical version of the Hurricane Mk.IIc, model kit 1/48 scale from Arma Hobby is an adaptation from their Mk.IIc released a few months ago. Much the same sprues are offered, but with bonus 3D printed parts, masks  and three new decal choices in the box.

This kit includes:
Plastic parts with three grey sprues for a simple but detailed kit...
One clear sprue for transparent parts
Canopy and wheel masks are included
The decal sheet for the three marking choices in the box markings from Operation “Jubilee”. Instrument panel, harnesses, stencils all included.

Kit marking schemes:
Hurricane Mk.IIc BE500/LK-A. No. 87 Squadron RAF. Tangmere airfield. Three missions in operation “Jubilee”. Pilots: S/Ldr D.G. Smallwood i F/L A.H. Thom.

Hurricane Mk.IIc Z3081/FT-V “Baron Dhanis”. No. 43 Squadron RAF. Tangmere airfield. Three missions in operation “Jubilee”. Pilot S/Ldr D.A.R.G. Le Roy du Vivier (Belgium).

Hurricane Mk.IIC BD867/QO-Y, No. 3 Squadron RAF, Hunsdon airfield, Autumn 1941. This aeroplane was shot down during the “Jubilee” operation, pilot Sgt. Stirling David Banks (RCAF) died. The appearance and marking of this plane on 19th August 1942 is unknown.

This kit is available mid the end of November from HobbyLink Japan if you are near Asia, or the Arma Hobby Webpage directly if you are in the US or Europe (a little closer for you) - your choice.