Saturday, October 28

Minicraft release new 48th scale SJU-17(V)1/A & (V)2/A seats for your F/A-18D/F/G.

Minicraft Collections has just released images of their two latest aircraft improvement sets in 3D resin. 1/48th scale ejection seats for your single and dual seat F/A-18D/F/G kits. See them in detail in our preview...

Minicraft release new 48th scale SJU-17(V)1/A & (V)2/A seats for your  F/A-18D/F/G.

MINI CRAFT Collection's new aftermarket 3D printed F/A-18D/F/G ejection seats in a single or dual set are the latest releases to greatly enhance the pit of your Hornet. We will look at them in CAD & in printed, primed resin in our preview today...

SJU-17 Ejection Seat for F/A-18C/E (Single)
From Mini Craft Collection 
1/48th scale
Kit No #MCC 4819 
The first seat is the single seat of the F/A 18C late "legacy" or for the F/A18E Super Hornet. From the CAD drawing we can see that this kit offers alternate ejection handles for the seats.
The seat comes in the protective wrap with some small disconnection points on the seat, but mostly below the cockpit floor.
A few views of the seat, extracted from the trappings of the connections. You can see the detail of the seat that just isn't matched by any manufacturer in this scale in plastic right now.
The seat from the front wither side
And the rear from either side. The detail is incomparable with plastic from any Hornet kit in this scale.

SJU-17 Ejection Seat for F/A-18D/F/G (Dual)
From Mini Craft Collection 
1/48th scale
Kit No #MCC 4820 
This set of the pair of SJU-17 Ejection Seats for the legacy F/A-18D or the Super Hornet F model or  Growler G model are shown first in CAD form.  You can see by the helpful drawings below the different belt loops to make your own unique 
Also the two different styles of canopy breakers on the seats.
The seats are of course again 3D printed, and come connected to the rest of the resin via those tiny connection points and protected by the surrounds.
Here you see both of the seats from this dual set from the front and rear opposing angles showing the details that 3D printing can now bring the modeller if designed right.
These sets are very new, but expect them to be on sale very soon...