Tuesday, October 31

Preview: Masterbox's new Javelin crew & first raiders (from space)!!

Four warriors - two from the all-too-present & two from a possible future are the newest figures from the Ukrainian model makers Masterbox. We look at the two sets and the stories behind them in our preview...

Preview: Masterbox's new Javelin crew & first raiders (from space)!! of November - December 2023.

"Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit № 6. Javelin. The Ukrainian Anti-Tank Crew"
From Masterbox
Kit No #35229 
1/35th Scale
Two figure set in grey plastic
Kit #35229 continues the series of kits dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war. The U.S. Javelin Anti-Tank system became one of the most striking symbols of Ukrainian resistance in the initial period of the large-scale Russian attack on Ukraine. And although, with all the amazing effectiveness of this system on the battlefield, the main burden of the fight against Russian tanks and other armored vehicles was on the same old soviet systems, such as RPG-7 or “Mukha”. The presence of Javelin in the arsenal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had enormous moral significance. At time when democratic countries were still considering how many hours Ukraine would last and whether it was worth spending money on supporting it at all, it was the Javelin systems, as well as the British NLAW systems, that created among the soldiers and citizens of Ukraine the feeling that we are not alone and that we are supported by the entire civilized world, it helped to create a feeling of not only moral, but also military superiority over the enemy.

The kit consists of two figures, one sitting and firing the missile, while the other points out the enemy.
The kit contains a sprue with the parts for assembling two Ukrainian Army soldiers firing from Javelin Anti-Tank system. Despite the static pose of the operator, the pose of his assistant informs about dynamism of the composition and conveys perfectly the tension and dynamics of the battle.
The figures are made at a high artistic level and represent rather miniature sculptures. The figures are also perfectly animated and interact well with each other, making up a single plot, a whole story.

"At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s adventures. Episode II. The birth of the Team. The First Raid"
From Masterbox
Kit No #24084 
1/24th Scale
Two figure set
Kit #24084 continues the series of kits dedicated to the Strange Company's adventures and tells the story of what happened to the couple from the Government Special Forces before they became the part of the Strange Company.
They were truly a strange couple. Strange by not fitting absolutely into any canons and common stereotypes of the Government Special Forces. Both were complete opposites of each other. Tiberious was born on one of the most developed planets of the Galactic Union, grew up in complete comfort, was educated very well and had excellent prospects in the civilian world, but his stubbornness and desire to become a real man led him to the Space Special Forces, where, due to aristocracy and excellent education he became a white crow among colleagues immediately. And for Laurie, who grew up in a poor family on one of the peripheral planets with very harsh survival conditions, serving in the army was the only chance to get somewhere, but she was too smart and too resilient to pull just the service strap and very soon male colleagues started avoiding her. So these two became the couple – the primary unit in the organizational structure of the detachment. 
Soon this couple became the best in the detachment, and that is why, and also due to the general dislike for this couple by all the officers of the detachment, White Crow unit, as the official call sign of this couple sounded now (oh, this subtle army humor!), was sent to explore a mysterious object discovered on the edge of the Underdeveloped Territories. Presumably, it was an ancient temple, but strange radiation was coming from it. White Crow unit completed the task, but what they found there became a part of the whole chain of events that led to the birth of one of the most famous legends in the whole Space – Strange Company’s legend.

For more info - check out Masterbox's website.