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Preview: MiniArt's new 35th scale T-34/85 Mod. 1945. Plant 112 in CAD form...

MiniArt has already given us a fair few of their new tooled T34's in 35th scale, and for their latest model we see the T-34/85 Mod1945 from the end of WWII into the cold war period as their subject. We have CAD's & some on the original tank in our preview.

Preview: MiniArt's new 35th scale T-34/85 Mod. 1945. Plant 112

T-34/85 MOD. 1945. Plant 112
Interior Kit
From MiniArt Models
Kit No #37065
1/35th scale
Decals for seven variants in the box.
MiniArt has brought us the 1945 production T-34/85 with new turret features and six decal choices in this new boxing.

The Subject: T-34/85 MOD.1945. Plant 112
In January 1945, Plant No. 112 began adding new, larger cupolas and MDSh smoke discharge canisters to their T-34-85s. However, a report from December 1944 showed that they desired to add more. Among these changes was an improvement to turret ventilation by moving one of the two vents to the front of the turret. The rear vent would become the intake while the forward would be the outtake.
In late 1945, Plant No.112, the sole remaining producer of T-34s, created the Model 1946. It included a revised turret casting, the new twin-ventilator system, and an engine upgrade, from the V-2-34 to the V-2-34M, granting an additional 20 horsepower. Later production tanks also had a revised hull stowage, deleting one of the external fuel tanks.
The T-34-85 would end production in 1946 in the Soviet Union, but would be produced elsewhere for several more years. Strangely, most of those tanks would be produced to a tweaked version of the Model 1945, rather than the better Model 1946.

MiniArt's new T-34/85 Mod 1945 - Mid Production: What we know...
The latest in the fast growing T-34 family from MiniArt (- we think this tank's possibilities are endless). This particular boxing is not a full interior kit, but it has all of the details of the other T-34's in MiniArt's range. Expect a lot of the same tank as you might have already seen

Kit Features:
Particular details of the 1945 version from Factory 112 are included in this kit.
All hatches can be posed open & closed
Individual tracks included
Decals Sheet For seven Options & Photo-etched Parts Included
Clear plastic parts included

CAD drawings of the kit :
The full interior starts with the engine, radiators & gearbox
The crew's positions go into place next...
The sides of the hull and running gear is completely added also. You can see the fuel tanks, the exhausts & full crew compartment in this shot.

The driver & gunner's seat and controls are here in full of course...
The sides of the hull are in place with tool boxes and fuel tanks...
The full 85mm for this tank is included in a rotatable turret
Photo etch is included to improve the engine grilles & several straps.
The larger 85mm ammunition of these late war T-34's is seen piled up in racks at the rear of the full turret.
The whole rear of the hull can be removed to show the complete engine bay.
All hatches can be posed opened or closed.
The good thing is you will have a full interior to show off...
The extra fuel tanks on the rear of the hull are included...
Photo-etch is included as an option for some plastic parts that need to be thinner on the completed kit.

That is all we know about this kit so far, See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...

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