Thursday, October 12

New figures & funnels from Rado in time for SMC

Rado Miniatures have new sets of 3D printed exhausts & tunic buttons in, as well as two great looking soldiers running for their hides in Normandy in 1944. We look at them before their launch at SMC this weekend...

New figures & funnels from Rado in time for SMC

Rado Miniatures have brand new 3-D printed sets of vehicle exhausts for your Hetzer & StuG III as well as two Panzergrenadiers from Normandy in 1944 that are set for release in time for the Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven this weekend. 

"Under Fire" W-SS Panzergrenadiere, Normandy 1944.
Under fire series
From Rado Miniatures
1/35th scale
Price: €30
 This new two figure set depicts two Waffen SS men of the Panzergrenadiere seen dressed and equipped for the battles in Normandy in 1944.
In full camouflage smocks and cloth covered M43 helmets, these two are seen running for their lives, probably under air attack, as they hare it from one position to cover.
While one soldier carries his Mp-40, the other has a slung Kar.98 rifle, both with gull ammunition, bread bag, gas mask cannister & water flask on their hips, as well as a bayonet and entrenching tool.
The man on the left is seen carrying ammunition for his unit's MG-42.
These two new figures will be available in Rado's shop in about a week, but you can get them during this weekend at the Scale Model Challenge, at booth G1.

 German WW2 Tunic Buttons
3D print
Kit No #35S13 
1/35th scale
Something you never knew you needed before now, 3D printed tunic buttons for your German soldier's uniforms. Tin but detailed. Neat freaks will love these. 60 in one pack.

Hetzer, late muffler
3D Print
Kit No #35S14
1/35th scale
This exhaust fits the recent and very nice Takom Hetzer 1/35th kit. It suits the late model kit with the different exhaust.

Tropical filters for StuG III, dedicated for the Das Werk kit
3D print
Kit No #16S01
1/16th scale
This large 3D printed exhaust is suitable for the 1/16th scale StuG III Ausf.C/D. F. F/8. G (initial) & G (Early /mid) types. These printed resin parts are a drop fit replacement of the kit pats and offer a significantly easier upgrade. Many thanks to Eelke Warrink and Ireneusz Targoń for the collaboration on these projects.
You can find them all this weekend during the Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Rado will be waiting for you at stand G1, close to the contest entrance‼️