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Colours & markings of MiniArt's new "Advanced" 48th scale P-47D-25-RE...

Today we get to see the three decal/ marking choices for the new 1/48th scale P-47D-26-RE "Advanced" kit. Take a look in our preview...

Colours & markings of MiniArt's new "Advanced" 48th scale P-47D-25-RE...

P-47D-25 RE Thunderbolt "Advanced kit"
From MiniArt Models
Kit No: 48001
1/48th scale
The kit contains three marking choices in the box.
Clear parts, full engine & weighted wheels are included
Photo-etch parts included
The second in the series is called the "Advanced Kit" - this version of the Republic P-47D-25 RE Thunderbolt is the same, but with photo-etch, new wings with guns & more decal choices. We have some CADs that show the differences between the kits and the upgrades (or more extra work - your choice) in the new version.

First up, we see that this advanced kit is stacked with .50 cals, ammo and ammo boxes...
...and these bays can be posed opened or closed
A view from over the aircraft showing the bays opened...
A closer view of the gun bay.
...And closed - one or both of course can be posed as your choice allows.
The flying surfaces on the kit can also be posed. These flaps down option below...
...and up in the version below here.
The other large attention grabber is the R-2800 engine. This can be shown with cowlings on or off. The engine also comes with a wiring harness and photo-etched parts around the firewall.
You can display this without the photo-etch if you want.
A wiring diagram is supplied in the instruction manual for the harness.
Here is the page from the instruction manual (still in process) of the wiring diagram.
The cockpit of course is another focus point of this kit. Photo-etched harness, gunsight and detail behind the IP is enhanced in thinner material.
A view of the cockpit closed up with the PE harness...
Similar to the basic kit, the plain hub, six and eight spoked wheels with diamond and regular cross patterned tread. Great options.
The D-25-RE omits the speed brakes, and we can see that like the basic kit the parts are provided to close the wheel wells if you desire.
A wiring diagram for the engine, the wheel well is included in the instructions.
The diagram from the instruction manual for you to make your wiring for the wheel bays.
The weighted tailwheel is a feature of this and the basic kit.
The P-47D-25RE could carry a 2,500lb bomb load, and this one is supplied in 50, 100, 250 & 500lb bombs and smoke dischargers. Photo-etch is supplied for the fins of these.
The 200 Gal flat and 150 Gal P-38 style external fuel tanks

Marking choices
There are three marking versions included in the instructions:

P-47D-25-RE:  61st Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, "HV-A" Pilot: Lt.Col.Fancis Gabby Gabreski. June 1944.
On of the kit's marking choices is the box art version. One of the most colourful & well -known Thunderbolts, that of Lieutenant Colonel Gabreski’s Republic P-47D-25-RE Thunderbolt, 42-26418, RAF Boxted, Essex, England, 1944.
A close up of the man in his mount, Lieutenant Colonel Francis S. Gabreski, commanding 61st Fighter Squadron, in the cockpit of his Republic P-47D-25-RE Thunderbolt, 42-26418, 1944. The marks show 28 enemy aircraft destroyed.

Scheme 2: P-47D-25-RE: 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, "LM-C" "Miss Fire/Rozzi Geth II" Pilot: Captain Frederick J. Christensen, July 1944.
Fred Christensen was assigned to the 56th Fighter Group in the Summer of 1943, as a replacement pilot. He shot down his first aircraft in November 1943. On 7 July 1944, Christensen became the first pilot in the 8th Air Force to shoot down six enemy aircraft on one mission. He claimed a total of 21.5 aircraft.
Whilst serving with the 56th Fighter Group, Christensen adopted a stray cat, which he named Sinbad. Sinbad supposedly flew missions with Christensen, who felt he was a good luck charm-they both returned to the United States on the completion of Christensen's tour of duty in September 1944.
Following the war Christensen became a pilot in the Air National Guard, he retired in 1970. Aircraft included P-47s 'Rozzi Geth,' 'Miss Fire' and 'Rozzi Geth II. '

Scheme 3: P-47D-25-RE: 78th Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, "MX-X" "No Guts No Glory" Pilot: Captain Ben Mayo, September 1944.
P-47D Thunderbolt "No Guts - No Glory" was flown by Capt. Benjamin Mayo, 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, 1944. This is not to be confused with the modern day restored version. MX-X was part of the Duxford contingent of Thunderbolts after D-Day in 1944.
With both a chequered nose and the invasion striped over aluminium, this is one of he most striking Thunderbolts, and a great choice for this kit. The nose decals will be an "advanced" application we think...
The decal sheet and stencils of the new kit.
That is all we know about this kit so far. More to follow in colours, sprues & other info. See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...

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