Thursday, November 9

Takom's third thirty-fifth Tiger - The Tiger I (Mid) W/zimmerit "Otto Carius"

Info on the third in Takom's series of special 10th anniversary kits is released today in the form of another, but different "Mid" version of the Tiger I. This one is shown with the special figure of Otto Carius included with his mount. We look at the CAD design features in our preview...

Takom's third thirty-fifth Tiger - The Tiger I (Mid) W/zimmerit  "Otto Carius"

To add to the two previous Tiger I kits from Takom, today we get more news of a third option in their limited edition Tiger I kits. Released just in time for their 10th year in the business, we thing that Takom have earned their stripes with enough obscure and weird tank and AFV types. IT is high time they graced us with a new Tiger I kit. This kit has a different designer to the U-Star 72nd scale and the AHH 16th scale Tigers, so no comparisons to them will be drawn. A lot of research has taken place on these three kits to make them something special.

Sd.Kfz.181 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E - Tiger I Mid Production w/Zimmerit "Otto Carius"
From Takom
Kit No: 2200
1/35th scale
The kit comes with a figure of Otto Carius
Stowage included
Tracks with a jig included for assembly
Photo-etch included
Metal barrel option included.
Twisted cable provided for towing cable
Two marking choices in the one box
In this third tank's CAD design images we see a new close up showing the surfaces of the hull and turret and the zimmerit that Takom's designer has moulded to this kit. We an see the extra track holders on the turret in these shots.
You can see some of the features of Otto Carius' Tiger I here in the omitted front drive wheels and the cap that goes on it. The  rear gun travel lock which can be posed opened or closed and front and rear towing lugs. Of course, those helmets, barrels, Jerry cans and buckets are included.

Metal is provided in the way of an option of the large 88mm barrel replica in either metal or plastic. We know which one you will chose! The turned wire for the towing cable and the thin photo-etch is included to replicate the thinner parts of the kit in 35th scale.
The early type tracks are supplied with a jig to help in putting them together. They look like individual links which will please as many people as they displease!
This kit comes with a figure designed by Jason Wong of Jason Studio (he did not design this kit however). He is one of the best 3D sculptors in the industry, so it's great to see his work include din this kit. Hopefully he does the artwork for these kits also...
That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page.