Thursday, December 28

Preview: MiniArt's Tempo A400 Tieflader Pritsche 3-wheel truck in 1/35th scale

MiniArt's version of the A400 3-wheel truck has many forms. Now, this three wheeler is a low sided truck, loaded for bear with barrels full of the good stuff! The kit comes in plastic, decals w/three colour schemes. We look at it in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's Tempo A400 Tieflader Pritsche 3-wheel truck in 1/35th scale

Tempo A400 Tieflader Pritsche 3-wheel truck
From MiniArt
Kit No #38045
1/35th scale
Five marking choices included in the box.
The Tempo A400
The Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werk GmbH based in Harburg was founded in 1928, in order to manufacture delivery vans. Above all, the Tempo tricycles and the post-war model Matador are known nowadays.
The first tempo tricycles were created from a combination of motorcycle and flatbed, which was in front of the driver. In the further development, the cab was moved in front of the bunk or box. The tempo tricycles are equipped with single-cylinder or two-cylinder two-stroke Otto engines—the 400cc 12 hp Tempo A in 1938, for example.
The engine drives the front wheel through a transmission and a chain. The engine, the transmission, the load-bearing chain box, and the front wheel are hinge-connected to the rest of the vehicle as an integrated pivotable part. The A 400 was made from 1938-1948, so it saw service often in a long time after World War Two.
This version could be suitable for your post war Germany & European scenarios or right through the forties. Tempo vehicles were used in the Wehrmacht only very rarely as it had a smaller payload and that third wheel which was limiting. The vehicle shone in the cities and villages delivering goods.

Tempo A400 Tieflader Pritsche 3-wheel truck in 1/35th scale
MiniArt's kit of the Tempo A400 Tieflader Pritsche 3-wheel truck in 1/35th scale is todays subject. "Tieflader Pritsche" translates to low loader platform This version of MiniArt's kit features a load of wooden barrels and three marking choices for you to choose from.

The plastic parts are represented here in CAD form. We see a walk around the whole vehicle. By this time modellers are pretty familiar with this little vehicle and MiniArt's features on the kits.
Clear parts are of course provided. Three sprues are included, full of small and large barrels for the back and the rest of the scene.
There are, of course, photo-etch parts included, as well as a decal sheet for this little delivery vehicle.
The three marking choices for this kit: These included schemes from the 30s & 40s.
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