Thursday, December 28

Preview: USMC A-4M in 48th scale - A new-tooled Marine Scooter from Magic Factory...

Due to suit a lot of fans who want an updated "Scooter" - Magic Factory's newest kit is the 1/48th scale A-4M Skyhawk. We have CADs & some kit details to show you about the model's features today in our preview...

Preview: USMC A-4M in 48th scale - A new-tooled Marine Scooter from Magic Factory...

USMC A-4 Skyhawk light attack aircraft
1/48th scale
From Magic Factory
Kit No #2007
Plastic injection model kit
Magic Factory are giving modellers stuff they want of recent times - Today we learn of their latest new-tooled kit, the USMC A-4M Skyhawk in 1/48th scale. The detail looks impressive if it is correct...

The subject - the USMC A-4M Skyhawk
A-4 Skyhawk has been in service nearly 10 countries for nearly half a century since designed and developed from 1950s. A-4M is specifically designed for the needs of the U.S. Marine Corps and the performance of the A-4M is no longer the same as that of earlier versions. A total of 160 A-4Ms were built and final A-4M was delivered on February 27, 1979, which was the longest production run for any American tactical aircraft–27 years.
The kit: Magic Factory's new-tooled USMC A-4M Skyhawk:
This new kit from Magic Factory has only surfaced in digital from so far. With box-art, CAD drawings being our main resource of info. What we do know about this kit so far is...

- There are two variants in the kit, you can build one of two - either the early-type without the avionics hump or the latter version of the Scooter.
- Throw out that clunky aftermarket - on this kit you have the interior of electronic bays in opened or closed poses.
- Magic Factory promise an accurate presentation of the Slats, Ailerons, Speed brakes, Horizontal stabilizer, Elevator and Rudder. These are supplied as posable, separate parts in the kit...
- The crew access ladder and plugs for air intakes are provided and you can pick them out in this photo.,
- The crew boarding ladder is included, as are the .interior of several hatches in the nose and fuselage.
That is all we know about these two models in the one box for now - Check out the Magic Factory Website & Facebook Page