Saturday, December 30

Preview: Tron Model Kit's Astro Boy (Mighty Atom): Atom - Regular & Deluxe kits...

A bit of indulgence this one - (It IS a model kit don't worry). Tron Model Kit's latest set of two new kits (standard & deluxe) feature the famous cartoon character boy robot Astro Boy! We loved watching this as a kid, & thought you might be interested to see what this pre-coloured, light up kit looks like. See it inside-out in our preview...

Preview: Mighty Atom (Astro Boy): Atom Plastic Model Kit Regular / Deluxe kits
From Tron Model Kit
Sold in Regular & Deluxe versions
Kit No #87006 / #87007
Scale - N/A (30cm Tall)
Expected release in May 2024
Price: Deluxe - $88 USD Link @ HLJ  / Regular - $43 USD Link @ HLJ
For those unfamiliar with Astro Boy...
Astro Boy (アトム Atomu), known in Japan as "Mighty Atom", "Iron Arm Atom", or just "Atom", is a fictional character created by Osamu Tezuka and the peace-loving main protagonist of every series in the Astro Boy franchise.
Astro is a boy robot with human emotions created by former Science Ministry director Umataro Tenma. In the series Astro is (or initially was) the robotic reincarnation of Tobio Tenma, created in the boy's image after the boy died in tragic circumstances (spoilers!). Despite his tough upbringing, being rejected by his creator and sold to a robot circus where he was forced to fight other robots before being rescued by Hiroshi Ochanomizu, Astro is the embodiment of a hero with a strong sense of justice and is always willing to defend the helpless.
 Despite his numerous amazing powers, Astro is a natural pacifist, usually attempting to solve problems in a diplomatic matter. He only resorts to fighting as an absolute last resort, and very rarely does he ever reach that point.
There have been several remakes, but the 1980 cartoon is the one that I love. This was a regular cartoon that although only had just over 50 episodes, I never seemed to watch them all! Fascination of Astro boy lingers on until this day for many. 

The Kit:
Osamu Tezuka's iconic character Astro Boy (also called Mighty Atom) is now available as a plastic model kit from Tron Model. His cute appearance and complex internal mechanical structure are perfectly reproduced inside and out.
Kit Contents:
- 1 X richly detailed inner frame
- 1 X Astro's outer armor
- 1 X Astro display half-open outer armor
- 5 X replacement faceplates
- 4 X pairs of outer armor modeling hands
- 2 X pairs of frame modeling hands
- 2 X sets of body light
- 1 X 36cm assembly table
- 2 X sets of assembly table light up sets
- 1 X Astro Boy transparent armor set

[Figure Size]: Approximately 30cm tall when completed
[Materials]: PVC, ABS
Uses four CR1220 batteries, six CR2016 batteries (test batteries included).

The first batch of pre-orders will come with a mysterious bonus (which we think is the clear skin, but we could be wrong as it is listed here without it being the special bonus).

Below you can see just three ways of displaying your Astro Boy kit.
The robot stands at 30 centimetres tall when completed. Electronics are supplied to show his lit up eyes and heart!
The internal structure of the robot boy is the first incarnation. You can see him from many angles here. He comes with a stand to steady him on a podium.
He can be manipulated into most any pose you can think of...
The first option included for his skin is a clear version, so you can have the skin and see through to all of the mechanics inside. This might be the special bonus they mention in the first release - we don't know, but for now this is included as an option...
The parts of the kit come pre painted, so you have that option if you want something simple. Many modellers will go further we think!
Several facial expression, hand gestures are included to make this your own creation.
Completed with his normal body you see him from mist angles. The stand and podium of course work here also if you choose.

The Deluxe Version:
This version of the kit comes with everything you have just seen, but also the repair/ operating table Astro was built on. This ups the ante a little in the drama stakes, and really lends itself to the half skin on/ of and lit up heart and eyes we think!
A few shots of the table which is the added part of the deluxe version...

We could not find a website for Tron Model, but we do know this kit /s come out in May 2024, and that they are available in many Japanese shops for pre-order already. 

We are getting ours from Hobbylink Japan. We are not sure yet if we wan the regular or deluxe versions. But we think many modellers out there will see that this kit has some potential. Combined with the low price (compared with other replicas of Astro boy that aren't even model kits).