Friday, December 29

Preview: "War has no gender” - Females in the front line in 35th scale from ICM

When facing the might of an invading enemy, who could forgive any person wanting to step up and fight? Today we look at the new figure & accessories set “War has no gender” - Female servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from ICM in 1/35th scale in our preview...

Preview: "War has no gender” - Females in the front line in 35th scale from ICM

“War has no gender”
Female servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
From ICM
1/35th scale
Model #35755
Four figures, weapons & equipment inside the kit...
Price: $20 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The subject - The Women of the Ukrainian armed forces
according to some sources, Ukrainian women make up around 10 percent of their armed forces, having won the right to serve on the front line and in combat roles in 2016
According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the country's best daughters are defending Ukraine as well as its best sons. It should be noted that as of the end of 2022, 350 Ukrainian women in the military were awarded state decorations during the full-scale war. Two of them posthumously received the highest title of Heroes of Ukraine.
Not only the front line, but many support roles are occupied by the women of Ukraine. Kits like this are meant to honour those people putting their country first.

The kit: 
This 1/35-scale model kit from ICM is a completely new mold kit of four figures, plus a drone. Two of the soldiers take a selfie with a puppy in some quiet time behind the front.
The other two women are engaged in launching a drone, with one supporting the drone in her hand while the other operates its controls. 
Each figure features highly detailed uniform elements, weapons and equipment, and are suitable for many different scenes.

Due in January, you can find out about ICM's other releases on the ICM plastic model kits website