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Italeri's FULL 2024 catalogue fills in the gaps for this year's releases...

If you are the type who likes to plan out your spending, building &/or hoarding, we have the full catalogue of Italeri's releases for 2024 after the preview last week. Check out the full forthcoming year in our preview...

Italeri's FULL 2024 catalogue fills in the gaps for this year's releases...
We think you could reliably expect from Italeri some Italian themed new releases and some old favourites with new options and decals for this 2024 calendar. We love companies that give their catalogue out for free, so you can plan what you might want to build or at least readily know from a quick check rather than having to buy it.
Double click on any of these items to start a slideshow where you can simply arrow left and right,

Italeri are making steps to help the environment in their works. We know that sounds a bit of a reach, but it is good of them to realise the problem and try for a solution...
There are some new vehicles in amongst this new release schedule. Plenty of older releases shown here also.
The Bugatti Royal Coupe Napoleon has new parts, but nothing in this catalogue will be overshadowed by our favourite car of all-time, the Lancia Stratos, shown here in HF Gr.4 livery!! This one is all-new tooled in 1/12th scale 
Trucks first, with a cherry red new Iveco and Volvo FH Low roof with new parts.
Following on last year's Folgore is a Macchi C.200 in 32nd scale as well as the F-35C Lightning II in 1/48th & 1/72nd scales which are also a new mould kits. 
We know a few people were asking for the Macchi C.200 in 1/32nd scale well, they might have their wish here with this new-tooled kin in the larger scale.
A new PAH-2  attack helicopter this year in 48th scale
A lot of familiar faces in this catalogue, but another new starter is the Semovente M43 da 105/25 "Bassotto" new-tooled kit in 1/35th scale. A unique and very Italian subject for sure. With the 80th anniversary of the D-day landings, there are some new Normandy themed kits in here for this year.
Accessories to match their figures & military vehicle in 35th scale.
Larger scale modellers will have to be content with prior purchases this year.
Wargamers and regular modellers (are there any) alike will love Italeri's 1/56th scale range with several new kits. These are made with all of the same attention and detail that Italeri give their 1/35th & larger scale kits, but with this smaller size for making a bigger display or diorama if you don't wargame. It looks like they want to have a full army of all genres in this scale.
Small scale military vehicles are an emerging market, and one that we hope Italeri devellops. Th M60A2 is the only new kit in this bunch.
Soldiers in 1/72nd scale are rare, so these are always great. No new sets this year by the look of it...
Historical soldiers for your big battles in 1/72nd scale
We see new battle sets every year from Italeri, they also have a lot of accessories to match and compliment those who want to go further in their dioramas.
We cannot see anything new in the ships and naval category, but their recent S26-38 kits in 35th is being reviewed here on TMN shortly.
Italeri's complete kits for starters or for casual modellers who can't take a lot with them - great for a young one, a return builder or a holiday fling at the modelling card table!
Pretty much all of the modeling tools one could want in a build are now covered by Italeri. This will help especially in local hobby shops where they have good distribution.
Italeri's paint sets and range keeps on increasing, we have their full line-up in the catalogue
You can download the FULL catalogue here.

You can see Italeri’s new kits come to life and look at older releases on their website and the Italeri Facebook page...