Wednesday, March 27

Preview: Meng's 35th scale Merkava Mk.4M w/roof mounted slat armour

Meng have added the "cope cage" to their Merkava Mk.4M to bring it up with the latest adaptation on the battlefield. We look at the features of the Meng kit in CAD in our preview...

Merkava Mk.4M w/roof mounted sat armour
From Meng Models
Kit no# TS-056
1/35th scale
Type: Polystyrene, photo-etch, and waterslide decals multimedia Kit
Product Link on the Meng Website
The Subject: Merkava Mk.4M w/roof mounted slat armour
The Russian-Ukrainian conflict highlighted the vulnerability of armored vehicles and ground troops to drone strikes. The use of drones, both for reconnaissance and as an offensive tool, has changed the dynamics of ground warfare. Recognizing this, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) seem to be taking proactive measures to safeguard their armored units. 

The Israeli Merkava 4 tanks are now equipped with a top armor cage to increase protection against drones and loitering munition attacks. 
Recent photographs have emerged showing Israeli Merkava 4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) equipped with what appear to be anti-drone cages. These protective structures are believed to be designed to counter the threat posed by low-flying drones, which can be used for surveillance, targeting, or direct attacks.

Israeli Merkava Mk4 tanks with cope cages.

The Kit:
Meng has adapted their Merkava Mk4 kit a few times, and this time, they will release the 1/35 scale "TS-056 Israeli Main Battle Tank Merkava Mk.4M with birdcage armor" plastic kit. The kit's assembled size is approximately 267mm in length, 114mm in width, and 122mm in height (including birdcage armor). The kit comes with precision metal etched parts and two types of paint patterns.
The kit comes with birdcage armor that protects against drone top attacks.
Precision machined, one-piece chain curtain is made for easy assembly.
All crew hatches can be opened or closed.
The cover protecting the launcher of the "Trophy" active protection system can be selectively installed.
All lights, periscopes and optics are reproduced with clear parts.
TS-056 Israeli main battle tank Merkava Mk.4M with birdcage armor 1.The kit comes with precision metal etched parts.
The spring suspension and shock absorber of the actual vehicle are precisely reproduced.
Single pin type movable track has excellent mobility and is easy to assemble.
This new kit from Meng is still in development so keep an eye out here or on Meng's website  for more info on this new model