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Inbox & video build review: M2A2 Bradley ODS from Magic Factory

Clayton from Workbench Hobbies has the first part of his build & review of the M2A2 ODS SA IFV in 35th scale from Magic Factory for us today. We look at some sprues before watching how it all goes together in Pt.I of his video...
From Magic Factory
Kit No #2007
1/35th scale
Plastic injection model kit
Photo-etch & 3D printed resin included
Two marking choices provided in the box
Price: @ HLJ for $74 USD
Magic Factory Website & Facebook Page
Magic Factory have produced their second Bradley kit. This one is also in 1/35th scale, but features the markings of two vehicles from the Ukrainian armed forces as the subjects in the limelight. Clayton has made a build review of the kit in today's story...

Bradleys in service with Ukraine:
On the 5th of January 2023, the US confirmed that 50 Bradleys were included as part of a $3 billion package of assistance to Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Bradleys were sent because the U.S. had determined that Ukrainian forces were proficient in maintenance and sustainment of such AFVs. Another 59 vehicles were included in another package later that month.

Bradleys were first seen to be in Ukrainian service in mid-April 2023.
Ukraine first employed M2 Bradleys in combat during the 2023 Ukrainian counteroffensive beginning in early June 2023. On 8 June, Russian drone footage showed multiple Bradley Fighting Vehicles abandoned in Zaporizhzhia Oblast along with a Leopard 2A6.

M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley in Ukrainian service.

Although several were lost to mines and ATGMs while attempting to breach Russian defensive lines, Ukrainian soldiers lauded the survivability of the Bradley, saying it protected them from hits that would have been lethal if sustained by a Soviet APC, and that many of the vehicles that became disabled from combat damage could be recovered and repaired.

You can see that digital camo underneath the mud here - a great chance to weather a modern IFV actually in active service.

Ukraine's deputy defence minister Hanna Maliar stated on Telegram that one M2 Bradley assigned to the 47th Mechanized Brigade had been able to destroy two Russian T-72 tanks in a single engagement.

As of 8 November 2023, at least 55 Ukrainian Bradleys had been confirmed to have been heavily damaged by photos or videos. (29 destroyed, 20 damaged, 6 damaged and abandoned by their crews in grey zone). These figures surely will keep on changing in the future...

Inbox & video build review: M2A2 Bradley ODS from Magic Factory
There is so much to love about the service history, versatility and durability of the Bradley, this kit was always going to be an exciting release…. It’s a long video today but stick with me because there are some absolute gems of information along the way. This really is a must for anyone wanting to build this kit, or for anyone interested in the Bradley. You won’t be disappointed. 
I was further hooked on the vehicle after hearing the story of a couple of Bradleys literally stumbling across and engaging a group of T72’s during Operation Desert Storm. I’d encourage you to take a look because it is an incredible story that helps create the legend the is the Bradley. 

Magic Factory is a company that is relatively new to the market but is making quite an impression with its varied range of subjects. At present Magic Factory have produced two versions of the Bradley. The M2A4 variant and the Ukrainian M2A2 Bradly ODS which is the kit I have been fortunate enough to take a look at today. 

The Bradley family from Magic Factory so far...
First impressions of the kit are impressive. The Hull and the top shell are supplied in two halves, with a lot of the hinge and bolt detail moulded into the parts. 
The refinement in the Bushmaster barrel and the moulding of the muzzle break is delicate and in scale. 
The kit gives you the option to build the Bradley with or without the BRAT armour system (of which I’ll go further detail in the video), but the parts carry a good level of detail in the bolts and the anti-slip texture in the moulding. There is an opportunity for that texture to be improved however for those of you how are so inclined.
Overall, though, just looking at the sprues there appears to be a high level of refinement in the mouldings and a thoughtful level of detail around the parts.
One of the details neglected in other manufacturers Bradleys are the wire step / Grab handles scattered around the side skirts however the detail in these Magic Factory parts has been considered and given they are supplied as individual parts will have dimension to the assemblies rather than being just moulded into the skirts. 
The tracks come in the link and length style with the main top and bottom runs and then smaller lengths to run around the sprockets and idlers. 
The underside of the tracks do have a considerable amount of ejector pin marks present, so if that was something that were concerned with there will be a great deal of filling and sanding required to address those. 
A fret with soft vinyl parts including a nicely rendered dust cover for the gun mount is included as well as a number of 3D printed parts, with the main assembly being the rear basket for the turret.
For this kit the turret basket and some armour for the turret are included in the form of 3D printed resin. Below are the CAD drawings showing just where it is added.

There are two photo-etch frets in the kit. Interestingly the first fret includes a wheel mask for spraying the wheels (I wish I have known this earlier) as well as the grills for the engine.
The second fret is far more impressive through with all of the brackets, clips and tiedowns. Why so interesting ? Look at the pieces floating in the fret with no connection points. What a beautiful way to present your etch. 
The decal sheet gives us two options for our Ukrainian Bradley.
The two marking choices from the current war in Ukraine are included.
Finally, the instructions come in a booklet style and on the surface seem reasonably logical. The colour scheme is a separate insert in the box.

The build video...
But like with my other kit reviews, looking at pieces in a box means nothing, so I set about building the kit to give you an idea of how the kits goes together and to give you the heads up of what to look out for…and there are a few things. Hope you enjoy.

That is all we know about these two models in the one box for now - Check out the Magic Factory Website & Facebook Page
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