Monday, January 5

MiniArt Push it with their new angled dozer blade to add to their US army Tractor kit…

A few weeks ago when we saw the MiniArt Tractor we were thinking the same as everyone else… “Are they going to do the kit with the Dozer blade?”….
Well now they have the kit made we thought we should show you MiniArt’s progress with this alternate to the D7 tractor with a blade and roll cage in CAD, Sprue form and built up.

31 sprues in Grey plastic + 1 Clear
2 Photo Etch sheets
Kit contains 856 parts
BOX: 385x240x70 mm
available soon from Miniart’s Distributors Worldwide
The new kit of MiniArt’s #35184 U.S. Tractor D7 with roll cage for the cable run of the angled dozer blade that is attached to it comes as a nice addition to the straight tractor kit we looked at last week. The dozer bladed tractor was even more useful on the battlefields, airfields and roads of world war two and after. – lucky we have some good research on the form of the just released book on this subject Ampersand Publishing book on the D7 Tractor.

Here are some well known shots of this tractor putting it's blade to work..
This kit contains 856 parts that make up one model of the famous U.S. tractor with angled blade in injection moulded plastic with everything in the box to make your little D7. There are markings for two vehicles as well as some photo etched parts and some workable tracks.
Model Features/Box Contents
·   Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds.
·   Highly detailed model
·   Fully-detailed engine compartment and chassis
·   Total 856 parts
·   837 plastic parts
·   4 Clear parts
·   Decals included
·   Full-color instructions
·   Workable track links
 Several sprues of the working tracks
 15 Photo Etched parts
CAD Drawings of the Tractor 
 And a fully detailed engine..
Here she is all built up – rusty and dirty – you can’t help but wonder what people will do with this once it hits the market as both military and civilian versions were (and still are) in use in so many places by so many people around the world…
 You can see from these pictures the opportunity to make this kit shine through super-detailing...
OK more on this kit when it comes to our door and we review it – till then you can see all of MiniArt’s kits at their homepage.