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TMN on Tour: Japan's 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019 "Industry Day"

Currently in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, the 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show is underway. Thursday and Friday are the main business and trading days, it is also a day that all of the pictures of the new releases announced at the show leak out - this is what we have found out about the new kits coming to us so far from the show...

TMN on Tour: 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019 "Industry Day"

The 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show (2019)
Traders/business meeting, May 9 (Thu) ~ 10th (Fri)
 9:00 to 16:30 
General admission Days May 11 (Sat) -12 (Sun)
(Saturday) 9:00 to 17:00 
(Sun) 9:00 to 16:00
〒422-8006 3-1-10, Magarikane, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
Official Event Link

Getting there:
- A free shuttle bus is operated from JR Shizuoka Station South Exit. (15 mins)
- Alternatively, a Taxi from JR Shizuoka Station south exit takes about ten minutes (25 mins if you leave when everyone else does­čśä)
The "58th Shizuoka Hobby Show (2019)" is currently underway at Twin Messe Shizuoka, Shizuoka City, from May 8 (Wed) to 12 (Sun), 2019. In this special feature, we will look at the business and trading day, where the companies haggle, barter and chat about their newest releases - and we get our first glimpse of the newest released "dropped" at the show.

-"Industry Day" Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019 new products gallery

-Video Gallery of some interesting models of the show
- 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019: Modelling hall picture Gallery Pt 1.

- 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019: Modelling hall picture Gallery Pt 2.
Open to the public for free, the "58th Shizuoka Hobby Show" is open to the public from the 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun) of May. At the show, there will also be events such as joint exhibitions by modellers club int he MASSIVE hall next door to the manufacturer's hall, a flea market, Japanese self-defence force public relations corner with several current military vehicles and supercar displays, often by Aoshima and Tamiya. 
This year's show was extended by one day to five days, and a new "Invited Primary, Junior High, and High School Day" (8 days) was established. A total of 5,200 students from Shizuoka Prefecture attended the invitation day on Wednesday. The thousands of children were allowed to visit to see the models first hand - the student invitation event day was very popular with kids of all genders and ages!

Show Highlights - Industry Day:

Model Art Booth
Across from the large Tamiya stand, the Model Art Magazine stand there are several appearances from special guests and demonstrations at the show - people like Aces High Magazine chief-editor Daniel Zamarbide will do some aircraft painting demos.  Modeller "MH" is also doing a figure painting demo on Sunday. Shini Hasegawa is hosting an aircraft modelling exhibition on Saturday and lastly, the very talented Ki-Yeol Yoon is hosting a Mecha model session on Saturday.
Of course, all of Model Art's hard to get outside Japan titles as well as some imports were available to pick up.
AFV Club was well represented at the show with many neat models of several different types and scales...
AFV Club's largest by far was this new(ish now) 1/48th scale U-2C High Altitude Reconnaissance aircraft or "Dragon Lady" as they are calling it.
The other kits from AFV Club look lovely too...
As usual, Aoshima had a hot car in 1/1 out front and a hot attendant also...
The stand is large and mostly full of car models like this 1/24th scale Mitsubishi Stallion Group A '87 RAC JTC.
A prototype of the 1/48 Grim Reaper 'Edelstein' from Titanomachia, a collaboration between Aoshima, Kotobukiya, GodHand, and a number of other big names in the industry which impressed all in attendance. Teased with nothing but two impressive looking mechs and a poster.
Of interest to aircraft modellers was the Japanese built cargo plane in 1/144th scale Kawasaki C-2 Transport Machine - still in design prototype phase just yet.
 The promised feature set of the forthcoming kit including a full interior.
Some of the other kits of note from Aoshima at the show
Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story are the newest members of Bandai's Cinema Rise Standard figure kit lineup. They are a snap-fit kit just like the Star Wars models and they gave everyone who was entering the Bandai booth a smile it seems.
"Ohh no they-re's sheet on ma' boot"
There was also the latest Star Wars stuff from Bandai, Is it just me, or do they appear to be lacking in a big announcement for their Star Wars stuff this year?
Plus all of the usual Bandai fare...
Beaver Corporation
Baver Corp will be there this year - always a great place to come to see the best from the smaller manufacturers. The Parent group of Hobbylink Japan, these guys always have the best of current kits on display. 
Modelcollect's "Buff" dominated the front of Beaver's stall.
At the show with a bunch of made up and painted models - Takom's new kits did not disappoint - there was a choice of the Zimmerit coated Jagdpanther G in full interior or without interior but with the added Sabre model railroad carriage.
Also, the "Ripper" Patton which looks just great and full of detail from any angle.
Also, the CADs for their new Jeep and Modern Bergepanzer 2 was also there
Amusing Hobby is there at the Beaver booth - Planned but never produced subjects include a Focke-Wulf Triebefl├╝gel in 1/48, a Rheintochter R1 missile on a Panther II chassis in 1/35, and a Panther II with Rheinmetall turret in 1/35. We also see in the flash the first Fv 217 "Badger" 1/35th scale kit, the new ARL 44 and another new super heavy Japanese Tank Destroyer.
Fine Molds
A large stand directly opposite the Tamiya booth - Finemolds has their usual bunch of small but perfectly formed models.
First and foremost at the Finemolds stand was a pair of built up Zero Fighters, the Prototype 12-shi and Model 11, both featuring newly moulded parts to accurately recreate these historical fighters. They're a must-have for any fan of the Zero who is looking for this kind of detail
Along with their new kits, Fine Molds also showcased their earlier releases, such as the 1/35 Type 97 Light AFV Teke, the 1/35 Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun Mountain artillery, and the 1/72 IJA 150t Super Heavy Tank O-I!
The new MegaMan X (a.k.a. #RockmanX) figure that Kotobukiya showed of was in its early phase but I am sure it will be well received by modellers once released.
Dominating the sand was the massive VF-1 Super Strike Fighter Valkyrie which is available this fall matched only by the VF-1 Super Strike Gerwalk Valkyrie on display next to it. Max Factory also featured a fun minimum factory model of Hisone and Masotan on display alongside their other detailed works of art.
GCI Creos booth often has not only it's own paints on display - showing different new products... (and friendly staff)
This distributor also features Zvezda, Airfix and Heller kits - Zvezda was heavily represented at the show
 Airfix also had sprues of their new 24th scale Hellcat at the show - too bad they did not get anyone to make it - would have made sense for people to see the kit made up as it was at Telford last year.
MiniArt has a stand attached to the GCI Creos booth - of interest, this year is the MASSIVE surprise 1/35th scale Focke-Wulf Triebefl├╝gel kit. This is a part of their "What-If?" series of models - we would love to see this one come to light - only a year after their "Kolibri" design was introduced with much success.
Other MiniArt kits at the booth looked great built up also - these Sharotanks and the diorama building kits really add a lot to many modelling scenes.
A large and varied display as always from Hasegawa, there were some new kits there (as well as some older stuff re-jigged­čśç) 
New kits like this 1/72nd scale A10 Thunderbolt II UAV was interesting, although it does look like the aircraft designers just used Blu-Tak to cover a broken canopy (come on we've all done it at one point in our lives)
Also present was the latest new tool kit of the starship Minerva, featured in Japan's long-running "Crusher Joe" franchise of novels, manga, and anime productions. This 1/400-scale beauty features pre-coloured parts and a snap-fit design to build into a kit that does not even need to be painted if that is not your thing. Scale versions of other iconic craft in the series, the Galeon and Fighter 1 and 2, are included. A grey prototype was on display at the show, the kit in colour is due in July.
Also at the show was the new kit of the 1/24-scale kit of the Toyota Starlet EP71 Turbo S (3-Door) Late Production Type. This third-generation Starlet's sporty 1988 version has been precisely reproduced in this all-new kit, which was shown off completed at the booth. 
Satoshi Tsujimura is the sculptor of these new 1/24-scale ladies to show off your vehicles. Create your own car show with these lovely ladies - each standing about 73mm tall upon completion.
...Also, the bikers get their own girls too -
The new 1/24-scale kit of the YHP Nissan R92CP from the 1992 All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship (JSPC) season was on display. 
The kit features a new rear cowl, rear panel, side panel, and wheel parts complete with Cartograph decal markings for the NISMO team's car 24.
Japan's rice-farming machine from Yanmar is represented in the 1/35-scale Yanmar Combine YH6115. An easy to build paint free pre-coloured parts kit. It features an array of movable parts as well as a male operator, modelled from a prototype by Satoshi Tsujimura. This one was shown off in its grey prototype form at the show.
Some of the other Hasegawa kits on display

Macross/ Hasegawa

Always popular at the Shizuoka show are the mecha and Macross Delta kits- several of them on display at the end of the Hasegawa booth...

Hong Kong Models 
HK's kits were hosted on the Hasegawa book and they had on display both the 32nd scale Lancaster MK1 and Mk III Dambuster at Shizuoka hobby show this year. These both looked HUGE on the tables - maybe they just got a small table huh?
Border Model was there with a pair of German tanks - one older and the other more modern in 35th scale...
Border Model was hosted at the Hasegawa stand, with their already released Panzer IV on the stand as well as their brand new Leopard 2 A5/6 which was shown in two versions built up.
Of course, Border Models 35th scale Panzer IVG in 35th scale was on display also


Also hosted at the Hasegawa stand were Revell's new items - it is nice to see some European brands at this show.
Seen here was the new tooled Deutz D30 Tractor plastic kit. This kit features Revell's popular easy-click system making this kit appealing to beginners and featuring 100% new mould and pre-painted parts. 
Meng had their own section at this show, with built and painted models on display. The newly announced U.S. Medium Tank M4A3 [76] W, was represented, featuring two kinds of suspension and road wheels, which had the same spring shape as the real vehicle. 
Meng also showed off their recently released British RR Armoured Car 1914/1920.
Next up was their new Harbour in the Industrial Age, a stylized harbour kit that fits perfectly with their "Warship Builder" series of mini ships and the Japanese modellers we thing especially will love.
They also showed off their "World War Toons" A12 Matilda II, which was nicely completed and painted for the show.
The lil' Lib' - cute Liberator was also present at the show
...And last up was their hot 1/9 Kawasaki Ninja H2R motorcycle, which features a realistic vinyl seat, as well as pre-painted air intake screen meshes, carbon fibre texture decals.
Platz had the biggest model of the show - with what at first we thought was the real thing - but this is indeed a replica Panzer IV H painted up as one of the "Girls und Panzer" tanks. This was a special exhibition project.
See it isn't (really) real ­čĹÇ! - sorry kids
Platz does have some models of this tank and others you can take home, with these simple to make pull-back kits.
Following the popular T-1B, the T-1A is a new release with new moulds. It is the first jet trainer plane designed and made after WWII. It has become a kit that you can enjoy the comparison with the T-1B while using the new mould for the fuselage parts etc. while inheriting the configuration/parts of the already highly regarded T-1B.
Italeri, Polar lights and Dragon kits are also at the Platz stand as they are the Japanese distributor for these brands. Italeri had several of their very nice larger scale cars built up on display.
AMT, Revell and a few other brands on display at the Platz booth.
Dragon's items are hosted by Paltz who is the Japanese distributor also
A Panther block encasement turret - some of these were used for defences - some for gunnery training was also on show
 Several other really nice looking kits with plenty of detail on display
Sweet Hobby
These are just flat out the nicest people you can see at the show - their mix of really small kits, the amazing box art on the kits and most of all the two sweetest people there to mind the booth - please pop in to see these guys you will not regret it!!
Always the biggest stand of the show (it is often called the Tamiya show), this giant has several new tooled kits in various incarnations from a few different genres premiering and starring at the show.
The new Toyota Supra kit shared booth space at the with its real-life counterpart - both of them are beautiful.
Tamiya had their brawny new 1/35 Hummel tank kit on display at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. This is the German Hummel Late Type, and it captures the Hummel's form with thin fighting compartment armour and late production integrated driving compartment. The kit comes with its own crew, supplies and a limited ammo load. The model also has a metal barrel option for the 15cm howitzer. Late production tracks feature one-piece straight sections and two marking options.
The other kit in the 1/35 Military Miniature Series is the British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles. Originally a modified U.S. M10 tank destroyer with a fitted 17 PDR gun. It has been rendered as accurately as possible, created after a careful and extensive examination of the original machine. 
In addition, four figures are included in the assembly kit - all four are featured break dancing which is a first!
Also on display is the dinky 1/12th scale Honda Monkey 125 kit. Due for release in June, with a full-length 143mm engine swing arm, front fork, rear fender fixed with screws. The kit features a realistic looking single-cylinder engine, metal-plated parts, and an authentic tread pattern on the synthetic rubber tires on the 12-inch tire.
Tamiya had the real thing there also - reminder - this is NOT a toy ­čśŁ
Another model of interest at the show from Tamiya is the new tool 1/72nd scale Bf109G-6 kit. This kit is already well known to a lot of modellers, and I suppose there were no other bigger releases in aircraft this year from Tamiya except this and the 72nd scale Spitfire.
The Supra was not the only hot red car from Tamiya - this 24th scale Lamborghini Countach was also on display.
Some other interesting kits from Tamiya on display included the M115 Sheridan RC tank in 1/16th,
The 1/24 electric RC car "star unit comical wheelie lunch box mini" 4WD
The 1/24 scale Toyota Gashapon racing hybrid with a total length of 194mm, the cockpit roof is plated parts. The kit includes the decal for 7 car and No. 8 car, but also a set of masking stickers for painting (if you like stickers that is)
The new "1/35 JGSDF Light Armored Mobile Vehicle (LAV)" depicts the Iraq service of the vehicle. The kit comes with a figure of the driver included.

OK, so that is it for industry day - We will have more to show you from the main modelling hall along with photos of new items debuting at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, so keep checking back to see more of one of the most important shows on the modelling Callender as it happens!