Saturday, September 28

Preview: Takom's 35th scale King Tiger (Late) 2 in 1

It had to happen soon enough - the mighty King Tiger from Takom is coming to us, with a two in one boxing of the kit with no interior for those who like to get straight into the painting & weathering exteriors!. We have a provisional shot and some info on the Tiger II that never was in our preview...

Takoms new 35th scale King Tiger (Late) 2 in 1 our preview

King Tiger (Late) 2 in 1 
From: Takom
1:35th scale
Kit No #2130
Hatches open and close
Exterior and gun only in this boxing
Photo-Etch & Clear parts included
Night fighting equipment included
Due for Release: November 2019

The last Tiger II & the one that never was:
With the arrival of the IS-3 in mid-1945, which was designed to be immune to frontal penetration by the long 88mm gun, the German Army would need a tank equipped with a more powerful gun that has a chance to defeat this new Soviet heavy tank and newly developed medium tanks such as the T-44 which could also resist frontal penetration by the existing 88mm gun. 

The last (real) Tiger II's in 1945 incorporated the final improvements that entered production with the turret completed by Wegmann in March 1945. They had deleted the ring on the commander´s cupola and simplified the rear turret hatch as well as incorporated new holders for the spare links model Kgs 73/800/152 (18-tooth drive sprockets) and added five D-loops welded to the turret sides to help attach foliage as camouflage. On the rear hull, they deleted the jack and wooden jack block, added cooling air louvres on the rear engine deck to replace the large grille openings and added two new locks for the driver and assistant driver/hull machine-gunner.

There is a second choice in this boxing of a proposed model for July 1945. this incorporates many improvements compared to the previous models. a new Entfernungsmesser 1.6 m R (PZ) range finder, exclusively designed for the new modified turret of the Tiger B. A night fighting ability with an Infrared system Mit Infrarot- Sheinwerfer (FG 1250) and a three-piece engine access hatch on the turret. A new radiator system and the addition of the Sturmgewehr 44 instead of an MG 34 in the glacis ball mount with an MG 42 in a new mount in place of the MG34 co-axial MG used on the previous models.
The kit includes...

-The option of two kits  - one from May 1945 and the other, a proposed July 1945 version
- Hatches open and close
- Exterior and gun only in this boxing
- Photo-Etch & Clear parts included
- Infrared system Mit Infrarot- Sheinwerfer (FG 1250)- Individual, non-workable track links
- All-new decal choices in this box of two different model Tiger II's

More news about this kit as soon as we have it, till then keep tuned and we will get building them as soon as we get them in our hands here at TMNHQ.