Wednesday, March 3

Germans in the fight and GI's helping a buddy in Masterbox' March/ April releases

Masterbox has presented us with some information on two of their latest pair of 1/35th scalekits. One - a re-jig of a very early kit of theirs with extras from MiniArt to bring it up to newer standards and a dynamic kit of Germans in late WWII on the attack. See a little about both of these kits in our preview...

Masterbox's two new kits of March-April 2021

“German military men, 1944-1945. Das Maschinengewehr ist dort!”
Kit No #35218
1/35th scale.
The kit features five figures in injection moulded plastic
This new kit from Masterbox in 1/35th scale continues on with the WWII era subjects, and it represents a group of four German elite infantrymen observing the battle with a tank commander who is supporting the push shouting commands.

The figure of the tank officer is made in such a way that it fits easily for any model of a German tank or self-propelled vehicle of that period (Marder, Wespe, Nashorn, StuG, Panzer III, IV, Tiger, Panther, Tiger II), as well as captured enemy vehicles like the KV-1 or T-34.  
The kit includes a sprue with the parts for assembling five figures of German military men from WWII - three private soldiers and an officer of the elite infantry, and one Panzer commander.
The figures are made with attention to artistic detail, and they are animated in their body language and interact with each other naturally to allow the modeller to implement the most diverse stories for dioramas.
In addition, the use of other kits of Master Box, for example, kit 35162 "Let's stop them here!" German Military Men, 1945", allows you to create larger dioramas.

“US Paratroopers, 1944” 
Kit No #35219
1/35th scale.
This kit is a remake of the old and successful 3511 "US Paratroopers, 1944" kit. However, this new version has two main differences (improvements we think) to the original from very early on in the history of Masterbox:

The original kit of #3511 that this is based on
1. A new, much more expressive picture on the front side of the box that enhances sharply the emotional perception of the kit and increases its attractiveness to buyers.
2. An additional sprue with ammunition produced by MiniArt. This sprue contains helmets and ammunition made at a higher quality level that takes the kit to a new level of quality and makes it more attractive to the modeller.

The kit includes a sprue with the parts for assembling figures of 3 US paratroopers from the Normandy landings period that were in a difficult situation and were forced to shoot back to save their wounded comrade. This is a dramatic set of poses, and the body language of the soldiers does convey this.
This set allows the modeller to create not only a vignette by combining the figures from the kit to create larger dioramas by using the figures from other kits. For example, the use of 35145 “German Paratroopers. WW II era” kit or 3584 “German Infantry. Western Europe. 1944-1945”, 3574 “Take one more grenade! Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, Europe, 1944-1945” will allow you to create a scene of urban battle.

These two kits will be with us in late March-April 2021. Check out the Masterbox Website for more info on their models.