Tuesday, December 7

Preview: The new 35th scale Mk.I Sawn off Daimler (SOD) from Gecko Models

The very rare machine called the Mk.I Sawn-off Daimler (or SOD) armoured car from Gecko Models in 1/35th scale is on the way. This will be very popular with modellers apart from its rarity, it boasts a makeshift chunkiness to its looks. see what we know about the machines & kit in our preview...
The new 35th scale Mk.I Sawn-off Daimler (SOD) from Gecko Models

 Mk.I Sawn off Daimler (SOD)
From Gecko Models
1/35th scale 
Kit No #35GM0028
The kit consists of plastic injection parts & Photo-etch metal.
New boxart of Gecko 1/35 scale British Mk.I Sawn-Off Daimler [SOD] armoured car model (a turretless regimental command version)

The Subject: Mk1 Sawn-off Daimler (SOD)
A VERY rare beast, the turretless version of the Daimler Armoured Car was used as regimental command vehicles, known as SOD ("Sawn-Off Daimler"), by the Inns of Court Regiment (ICR) and others in NW Europe during World War Two.

The only picture we could find of a that Mk.I Sawn off Daimler (SOD)
The 'Sawn Off Daimler' was donated from the Daimler Armoured Car, but with its turret and front mudguards removed. As well as this they often carried a machine gun, and they would often carry a PIAT in its inventory.

This new kit from Gecko Models.
This new kit of the very rare Mk.I Sawn-off Daimler (SOD) from Gecko Models comes of course in 1/35th scale, and it's rugged good looks belay the detail of both exterior and a full interior that is handy to have, as the cars were exposed with the turret off to the elements.
We hope that no one covers up all of this detail with a tarp! Metal parts in the form of photo-etch is only minimal, small things like the handles of the "flimsies" (gas tanks) and a few smaller metal parts of the car are replicated in this material. A Bren gun and heaps of bins for stowage and ammo are carried on the sides of the SOD!
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