Tuesday, October 11

Another sighting of Takom's three Haunebu kits (I,II&III) reveals more about these kits...

There has been another sighting of the elusive Foo Fighter in the form of Takom's 3 in 1 kit boxing (3 kits inside) of the Haunebu I, II and III. We add to the supposed history of the myth & the new facts about the kit in our preview...

Another sighting of Takom's three Haunebu kits (I,II&III) reveals more about these kits...

Haunebu I, II & III
From Takom
Kit No 6008
1/350th scale
Three kits included in the box
Photo Etch included
The Subject: The "Haunebu" - The German Flying Saucer
During World War II, a variety of unusual and anomalous aerial phenomena were witnessed by both Axis and Allied personnel. These were called "Foo Fighters" by the Americans. While some "Foo Fighter" reports were dismissed as the misperceptions of troops in the heat of combat, others were taken seriously, and leading scientists such as Luis Alvarez began to investigate them.
In at least some cases, Allied intelligence and commanders suspected that Foo Fighters reported in the European theatre represented advanced German aircraft or weapons, particularly given that Germans had already developed such technological innovations as V-1 and V-2 rockets and the first jet-engine fighter planes, and that a minority of Foo Fighters seemed to have inflicted damage to allied aircraft.

This is some whacky stuff right here...
Similar sentiments regarding German technology resurfaced in 1947 with the first wave of flying saucer reports after Kenneth Arnold's widely reported close encounter with nine crescent-shaped objects moving at a high velocity. Personnel of Project Sign, the first U.S. Air Force UFO investigation group, noted that the advanced flying wing aeronautical designs of the German Horten brothers were similar to some UFO reports. In 1959, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first head of Project Blue Book (Project Sign's follow-up investigation) wrote:
"When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported by UFO observers."
This was the mythos that the "Haunebu" project came from.

The kit(s) from Takom:
In this box you get three kits, all in 1/35th scale. The Haunebu I, II and  III. The sizes of these three kits show the development path that was slated (but never achieved) for this weird flying object. A passenger gantry is included in the kit.
The box art tells us a little more about these new kits. The dimensions for one, with the smallest,  to the largest sizes of their diameters.
Haunebu I: 41MM
Haunebu II: 92mm
Haunebu III: 203mm
There are six marking choices int he box, so two fro each flying object, and each of them can be depicted in either flying pose or on their wheels in an airfield (or Nazi moon base???) situation.
That is all we have on this one for now - keep tuned for more info on the kit soon...

That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their  Facebook page.