Tuesday, October 11

Preview: Takom's 350th Horizon class Destroyers, the Andrea Doria & Caio Duilio

Italy's two Horizon class Destroyers, the Andrea Doria and Caio Duilio are the subjects of Takom's forthcoming sip kits in 350th scale. We look at the real things, and what we know from CAD & box art in our preview...

Preview: Takom's 350th Horizon class Destroyers, the Andrea Doria & Caio Duilio 

Italian Horizon class Destroyers
From Takom
Kit No 6007
1/350th scale
Three kits included in the box
Photo Etch included
The Subject: Horizon class anti-air warfare destroyer
Initially a cooperative Anglo-Franco-Italian development, known in Italy it was known as Project Orizzonte, which translates as "horizon". An international joint venture company was established in 1995 to produce the new warships. In 1999, the United Kingdom left the project. France and Italy continued development on their own. In 2000, a contract was signed to jointly produce four ships, two for each country. 
The two ships that Italy ordered were to be called the Andrea Doria and Caio Duilio. The first one was commissioned in 2007. It reached full operational capability in 2008. The second ship followed in 2009. The Horizon class ships are officially referred as frigates purely for political reasons. However, considering their size and powerful armament, these ships are clearly destroyers. These vessels have enhanced stealth features with significantly reduced radar cross section and noise levels. The main radar is the EMPAR phased array multi-purpose radar. It detects air targets and provides tracking for the missiles. The Horizon class destroyers are fitted with a 48-cell Vertical Launch System (VLS) for a mix of Aster-15 (range 30 km) and Aster-30 (range 120 km) surface-to-air missiles.

Italian destroyer Caio Duilio 
Anti-ship capability comes from two quadruple launchers. French warships are armed with MM.40 Exocet anti-ship missiles, while Italian warships carry OTOMAT Teseo Mk.2A anti-ship missiles. These have a range of 180 km and carry a 210 kg warhead. They are armed with three 76 mm rapid-firing guns. Also, there are two Oerlikon 25 mm cannons for engaging small surface targets. These destroyers are armed with 2 twin launchers for MU90 lightweight torpedoes. For defence against incoming torpedoes, there are 2 launchers with SLAT anti-torpedo system.

Italian Horizon class destroyer Andrea Doria (D 553)
The Horizon class destroyers can accommodate a single helicopter. It can be NH90 HFH, or AW101. It can be used for long-range anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, utility and other roles. Aviation facilities include a flight deck and hangar.
The ships have a Combined Diesel or Gas (CODOG) propulsion system. For economical low-speed cruising there are uses two diesel engines, developing 5 875 shp each. For high-speed operations there are two General Electric LM2500 gas turbines, developing 31 280 shp each. These destroyers have a top speed of 29 knots (54 km/h). Maximum range is 7 000 nautical miles (13 000 km) at 18 knots (33 km/h).

The kit: Takom's Italian Horizon Class Destroyer in 35th scale
This kit from Takom depicts either the Italian Andrea Doria or the Caio Duilio. Both in 1/350th scale, these ships
The CAD images of the kit show us a little more, the the two ships have some photo-etch to add to the, for the thinnest of parts. the 438mm length of the ship can be displayed on a water line or a stand option.
The photo etch parts are mostly for railings, but also for the helicopter blades, name plates are also included...
That is all we have on this one for now - keep tuned for more info on the kit soon...

That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their  Facebook page.