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Preview: Italeri's May releases in art, sprues, colours & built up kits

Four releases are due in May from Italeri. We look at their McLaren MP4/2C, "Scooter", Carro Armato P40 & F-35 in "Beast Mode". Artwork, sprues, parts & decal/marking choices in our preview...
Preview: Italeri's May releases in art, sprues, colours & built up kits

A-4 E/F/G Skyhawk
Kit No #2826
1/48th scale
Model Dim. 26,5 cm
- Super Decals Sheet For 6 Versions 
- Colour Instruction Sheet
The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was developed in the 1950s and was one of the most famous light attack aircraft in the aviation history. Its small and compact dimensions made it extremely manoeuvrable and ideal for use on the aircraft carriers.

The colour/marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet is included .
It was characterized by the low-mounted delta wing solution, the two small air intakes on the fuselage sides, and the adoption of the single Pratt & Whitney J52 turbojet engine. It was armed with two 20 mm. guns and, thanks to its hard points under the wings and under the fuselage the Skyhawk was able to support a wide variety of air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, rockets and bombs. Thanks to its operational capabilities, the A-4 scored a good commercial success and has been adopted by several air forces around the world. In addition to United States, it was used, among others, by Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait and Israel.

The sprues & parts of the kit...

Carro Armato P40
Kit No #6599
1/35th scale
Model Dim. 16,5 cm
- Super Decals Sheet For 2 Versions 
- Metal Gun Barrel 
- Link-and-length Tracks 
- Decals Sheet For 2 Versions 
- Colour Instruction Sheet
The early years of WW2 highlighted the inadequacies of Italian medium tanks in modern warfare, which was now characterized by clashes between heavily armed and heavily armoured tanks, and also by the use of more effective and lethal anti-tank weapons.

The colour choices in this boxing...
The decal sheet is included .
Following detailed analysis of German and wartime opponents British and Soviet military vehicles, a 26 ton heavy tank was created. This new tank, which underwent several design changes over time, incorporated more modern features such as inclined front plates, a more powerful and better performing 420 HP diesel engine and a more suitable main armament, the 75/34 Ansaldo gun. The P26/40 as it would forever be known, unfortunately retained some obsolescent features that were characteristic of Italian armoured vehicle production from the mid 1930s, namely the armour plate riveting and the leaf spring suspension system.

The sprues & parts of the kit...

McLaren MP4/2C Prost-Rosberg
From Italeri
1/12th Scale
Kit No. #4711
Photo-etch, plastic & Vinyl parts included
Two colour choices included in the box
Model Dim. 37 cm
Italeri has release images and graphic of their completely new mould 1/12th scale  McLaren MP4 2C. The kit will follow in the footsteps of their other large scale cars in that it will have a high level of details, some colourful markings, and that it will be easy to build and super detail. 

The Subject: The McLaren MP4 2C
The McLaren MP4/2 was one of the most successful racing cars in formula 1 history, securing the most victories in the history the sport. In 1985, the MP4/2B made its debut equipped with a TAG Porsche engine, enhanced by two superchargers capable of attaining 850hp and displaying aerodynamic designs less showy than the previous cars, and which were also compliant with the evolving new regulations of the period. The project’s engineering and design achievements were ratified by victory in the constructors’ and drivers’ world championships, due in equal measure to the extraordinary talent of driver Alain Prost. 

Keke Rosberg shown driving his McLaren MP4/2C during the '86 Monaco GP. (one of the choices of decals of this kit.
In 1986, the project was further enhanced by the MP4/2C version and Alain Prost was again confirmed as world champion. During this new season he was joined by another great Formula 1 talent, the Finn Keke Rosberg. The McLaren MP4/2 has a special place in the hearts and minds of Formula 1 enthusiasts and fans, winning three drivers' championships and two constructors' championships.

The 1986 car of Alain Prost (No#1) is also an option of this kit...
The sprues & parts of the kit:
The instructions - 
The plastic:
Clear parts, springs, screws and plastic pipe to included in the kit

Vinyl tyres
The photoetch that comes with the kit, replicating the thinner parts
We can see partial image of the two decal sheets. The fires showing the outside of the car
On top of the livery, there is a decal sheet devoted to the mesh & carbon fibre textured areas of the car.
The Rosberg & Prost cars from the 1986 championship are the marking choices:

The McLaren MP4 2C in 1/12th scale: Constructed kit from Italeri's builders...
Here you see the kit built and painted by Italeri's in-house test builders.
Some key features of the new McLaren MP4 2C: 
-Detailed suspension
-Highly detailed engine
-Rubber tires
-Photoetched parts
-Removable body cowlings.

We can see the built up model below (by Italeri's model makers) - hinting at how close it is to being on sale. We can see a lot of the details of the kit in here. First under the skin...
Then, with the covers in place. Again, the cigarette sponsoring is not shown in this version, we think because of the ban on ciggie advertising. The driver's pit...

A larger walk around...

 F-35A Lightning II "Beast Mode"
From Italeri
No 1464 
1:72 scale
Model Dim. 21,4 cm
The Kit from Italeri: The 1/72nd scale F-35A Lightning in "Beast Mode"
The JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program was established to develop a new fifth-generation all-weather multirole combat aircraft able to replace the United States and NATO strike-fighters. The aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin created the single-seat, single-engine, F-35 Lightning II. It utilises stealth technology and is characterized by its trapezoidal wings plus the incorporation of the most advanced hi-tech materials and avionic systems.  Designed in several different configurations, its role is to provide air superiority, close air support and engage in ground attack missions. The F-35A is the conventional take-off and landing variant, the F-35B is the short take-off and vertical landing variant and the F-35C, with foldable-wings,  has been developed to be used from deck carriers. Due to its operational flexibility, the advanced on-board technology and the impressive project innovation, the fighter has been favourably received and deployed by many countries’ air forces.

The colour/marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet is included .
The kit (number #1464) will be highly detailed with some new parts: new detailed external pylons and weapons, detailed cockpit and ejection seat, complete and detailed engine, fine engraved lines, landing gear and weapons bay accurately reproduced and open or closed assembly option.

The sprues & parts of the kit...
This kit includes:
- New Parts for this "Beast Mode" load out.
- New detailed external pylons and weapons
- Detailed cockpit and ejection seat
- Complete and detailed engine
- Fine engraved lines
- Landing gear and weapons bay is accurately reproduced and posed in an open or closed assembly option

The test kit, made by Italeri's inhouse model makers...
The six marking choices in this kit, including US, Australian, Italian, Royal Netherlands Air Force & the Israeli Air Force.

We will present more news on these kits as they comes to hand. From more on Italeri's kits check out their website...