Friday, October 13

More details of Das Werk's new 8,8cm Flak auf 9t VOMAG in 1/35th Scale

We have colours, decals & features to add to Das Werk's already announced 8,8cm Flak auf 9t VOMAG in 1/35th Scale. See the real things also in our preview... 

More details of Das Werk's new 8,8cm Flak auf 9t VOMAG in 1/35th Scale 

8,8cm Flak auf 9t VOMAG
1/35th Scale 
Item Number: DW35024
Released around mid-January 2024
Self-propelled gun on chassis VOMAG 7 OR 660 with 8.8cm anti-aircraft gun
The VOMAG 9t low-floor chassis was developed in the 1930s for use as an omnibus and as a heavy truck. 
The VOMAG Self-propelled guns were only with the I. Department of the Flak Regiment 42 in use. The original camouflage paint in dark gray and dark brown and the bandage badge are clearly visible on this vehicle. Later in the war, the guns received an armored protective shield.
The ammunition containers at the stern held 72 garnet cartridges and were slightly armored. There were four supports for stabilization during the shot. This Self-propelled gun VOMAG was started during the shooting training. The open ammunition compartments are clearly visible. In the foreground, other ammunition baskets were stacked.
The 8.8 cm anti-aircraft gun mounted on VOMAG was not a temporary solution or a makeshift vehicle (Behelfsfahrzeug), but was purposefully designed and produced as such. There are photographs of the vehicle from as early as 1941, of which there were just over 20.
Typically, a battery set up in this manner would include 4 gun carriages, 2 measuring vehicles, and one backup vehicle.

The kit from Das Werk:
This new model was floated last week, although we had no more than the box art detail. Although it will be due in January 2024, there is some details of the test shot build, the colours, markings and a little more.

Kit features: 
- Highly detailed static plastic model
- Complete new designed 8,8cm Flak
- Full interior including engine
- Ammo racks buildable open & closed
- Four accurately researched decal marking options

Marking Options & Colour Profiles
Budapest, Halasz Bastya (Fischer Bastei), Hungary, February 1945
Flak-Regiment 40, I./40 (mot.S)
Groß-Paris, Renault Factory Billancourt, France,
02. - 03.03.1942
Flak-Regiment 42, I./42 (mot.S)

Essen (Steele), Zeche St. Katharina, Germany,
March 1943
Flak-Regiment 42, I./42 (mot.S)
Bremen (Oslebshausen), North Germany,
July 1942
Flak-Regiment 42, I./42 (mot.S)

The decal sheet that accompanies this kit
Some photos here of the early test build  in progress. Note that these are pictures of the first test build. Later details changed respectively were added.
 For more information on this kit check out their site at this link on the Das Werk Website