Saturday, March 31

Starfire Schemin' - Walkaround colours for the new 1/48th F-94C from Kitty Hawk

To investigate – and to celebrate – the new release by Kitty Hawk of the new tool F-94C Starfighter in 1/48th scale we have an excellent pair of galleries of both of the schemes that are the chosen colours in the kit. Both of these aircraft have been snapped many times and these give you some idea of the intricacies of each paint job of the two schemes – have a squizz at the pictures..

Friday, March 30

Review & Mini Construction: H-K Models Co. 1/32 B-25J “Glass Nose” Bomber

Landing on the desk in a massive box we have for you today the H.K. Models B-25 in 1/32 to review – This kit is the 95% finished article of the kit you will see in the shops. Only missing the landing gear and proper decals from the box, the kit itself is the same as you will buy from your favourite vendor. Let’s look inside to this box to see just what this much talked about and long awaited kit is all about.

Sunday, March 25

Squadron/Signal releases the armour and chroincles the Superfortress


New books on the horizon (just released actually) from Squadron/ Signal productions this month – a new “Walk around” book for the Jagdpanzer 38 “Hetzer” German tank destroyer as well as a popular “In Action” book on German armoured cars which looks set to impress the “paper panzer” lovers while a second in the excellent “Chronicles” book looks to keep B-29 Superfortress lovers head down reading all about this famous bomber's operations for a while yet, if it is half as good as the  "Chronicles of the P-61 Black Widow" book we are all in for a treat! – read on to see more from Squadron…

Thursday, March 22

Preview images of decals for the Ju-87B & B/R from Eagle Editions in three scales

 Eagle Editions have just sent us images of their new decal sets fo teh Ju-87B early model  Stuka in all three scales - the images we have show famous shemes on both sheets - looking forward to these!!

Tuesday, March 20

Revell Kit:07651 London Bus Pt III - Cabin Fever and Keeping the Engine at bay

In PT IIICabin Fever" – We dress up the front of the bus and get the cabin and engine bay ready so we can start to get the passengers on…

Monday, March 19

Dragon unleash their small scale snake ???

I remember as a child a friend of mine got a “state of the art” (then) SR-71 Blackbird kit from ARII in 1/144 – it looked so bad-&$$ that I fell in love with the shape as soon as I saw it – then as an adult I saw the real thing – I still think it is made by alien technology – Kelly Johnston knew too much!

Anyway I digress from the subject at hand – Dragon have made a new tool kit of the “Habu” in 1/144th scale and the features and promise of the kit are indeed tempting – even in such a small scale – let’s look at the preview CAD stuff and feature list

Saturday, March 17

Review: Alpine Miniatures 35135: 1/35 SS Panzer Crew Kursk (2 Figure set)

Alpine Miniatures have released two new figures this month – Sculpted by Sang-Min Lee these two individual figures (35133 + 35144) make up a set called SS Panzer Crew Kursk 35135. Let’s take a look at these two tankers and see if they are cut from the usual impeccable Alpine cloth…

Friday, March 16

Academy releases updated with exciting new tool Hetzer and an Accurate Avenger

Academy have sent news of two new kits for both World War II aircraft and tank modellers. These kits are new toolings and look to be great releases - although there isn't a lot of news yet  well try to see what can be deducted from the Promo Shots. Click on below for these and other Academy releases info that we have to hand. 

Thursday, March 15

Revell helps you build your way to the stars ( if you can grab them off your kids first)

 Revell is onto a good thing with these – a great way for either a fun and easy build or an educational tool for kids – these snap together kits need no glue and can be put together really easily – there are some of the “old skool” – and some newer ships here to make – check them out in this preview…

Wednesday, March 14

Osprey help you model one bite at a time

 For a while now, Osprey Publishing has been getting letters and emails from their readers saying how much they enjoy our modelling books, but how they wish they could buy individual chapters that cover just one build, well, now you can.

Need large german WWII figures? These are a Shui-in

Jeff Shui’s Miniatures  have sent us images of two of their latest resin figures in 120MM scale - sticking to the usual (undeniably popular) inspiration the German serviceman of WWII. Jeff’s latest German figures from WWII are: “Totenkopf, Kharkov 1943 (Part 1)” & “German 6th Army Stalingrad 1942/43 (Part 2).” Kits - let’s have a closer look in this preview.

Tuesday, March 13

Andrea Miniatures has some new smashing new horses & some hungry hounds

We have been sent some new sculpture previews from the brilliant figure making company Andrea Miniatures. Please dont look if you like your horses very quiet and your dogs well fed!

Monday, March 12

Revell Kit:07651 London Bus Pt II - "How to eat an Elephant?"

PT II  - “One bite at a time” - would be the answer to that Question it seems – so we start our build this week commencing with the engine and underside of the kit…

Sunday, March 11

The Sunday Strip – a stroll down memory lane… Commando Comics

 When I was young – a looong while ago now – well it was more than a little while actually – Jesus was playing on the wing for Jerusalem and a new thing called the “abacus” was invented.  --- Well back in those days before I was a modeller using paints from my dad’s shed on models to make them half an inch thick at the wings I read a lot. Being a quiet child, I know I don’t believe it either – I used to read a lot of comics, Just like a lot of young boys I guess. “The Phantom” I liked as he didn't kill anybody, used two pistols and indelible ink on his ring and somehow he didn’t die, some “Choose Your Own Adventure” books where you picked the story line amongst some others. The most enjoyment I got from reading though was from a series of comics called Commando”…..

Friday, March 9

Review - MasterBox MB35103: Cold Wind, German Infantry 1941-42

MasterBox have spent a lot of time inside this winter in the Ukraine - obviously a lot of time staring out the windows into some cold landscape because they have been inspired to make a replication of some German troops slogging it out in freezing temperatures on the Russian front – we have a look at these windswept and interesting figures for you in our review…

Thursday, March 8

Like dramatic music & Eduard's Bf-109E in 1/48? If yes then this vid is for you!

For more preview info check out our Eduard Email thread

This kit is now available from the Eduard Web-store now

Review: MXPression Airbrush Masks – 1/35 Hetzer

MXPression have already brought us a string of products that are great for not only modellers who need airbrush help but also the Painting figures with Acrylics DVD and innovative products like Panzer putty – they now make the late war German armour modeller very happy with these three masks to suit your Hetzer in an ambush scheme – we take a look at the 1/35 masks and apply them to a donor Hetzer kit to see how the products shape up…

Wednesday, March 7

Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks from Barracuda Studios - Now on sale!

The long awaited (especially by Roy himself)  "Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks" title from Barracuda Studios is here-  I'll hand you over to Roy to tell more about what is to come in this exciting book which just happens to be right up there on my shopping list....

Tuesday, March 6

Can i sit next to you girl? and two other good-lookin' kits from Masterbox this March

MasterBox have three new kits on release for March (March already?) - anyway they are all interesting in their own ways – There is a cart abandoned for a roadside diorama, and all action scene from the Vietnam conflict with three servicemen firing wildly to the side in what looks to be an ambush by Vietcong forces & a multi pose figure set trying to negotiate with a lovely Fräulein ….

Monday, March 5

SuperScale Decals from Squadron - Giving us night time terrors and Charlie hunters…

SuperScale Decals from Squadron Productions has three new sets of decals for two new kits – the 1/48th scale P-61 Black Widow and the A-37 dragonfly in the same scale from Encore productions. Both are great kits and have been popular with the public so these decals should be in high demand in short order – (you can also use them on your older kits of these but we all want to build the new ones don't we) we have the pictures and details of each of the sets for you…

Saturday, March 3

Some lesser known facts (and some stuff I made up) about the 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A 4.Serie/La.S. - Smart Kit from Dragon

Dragon keep to their relentless schedule of new and in this case an updating of older kits with their new 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A 4.Serie/La.S. - Smart Kit. Having added a new slide moulded deck to this kit to keep up with modeller’s demands there is plenty of other things to like about this kit – read on in our preview to see what to expect.

Friday, March 2

“You may fire when you are ready, Encore.” The new Protected Cruiser USS Olympia in 1/232

Squadron/Signal productions from the USA bring us a national treasure of America the Protected Cruiser USS Olympia in 1/232 Scale from Encore  in two new editions. The oldest surviving steel warship still afloat that saw action during the Spanish-American War in 1898 has been given the Encore treatment with some great detail - click on to find out more on this kit.

DDDutch decals set to release new F-104 decals in 72nd, 48th & 32nd scales

Thursday, March 1

March releases from Fantastic Plastic are not making us blue...

Fantastic Plastic have sent us news on their latest newly released kit the The Aerospatiale SA-2 "Samson" Gunship from the movie AVATAR in 1:72  -  They have all of the amazing hovering aircraft (as well as the massive shuttles) on sale now with this last in the series helicopter completing the set - take a look....