Wednesday, October 31

Dragon releases two new Turretless tanks...

Dragon has something for the turret-less AFV lovers in their November releases – Something from both the Allied and Axis side as well…

Tuesday, October 30

A Starfire thing - our build of the F-94C Pt.2

Our 1/48th Kittyhawk F-94C Starfire build with our man Eth at the wheel is progressing along at quite  pace – in this part Ethelian shows us a little more about his teqniques he uses in achieving a great natural metal finish on his jet.

Monday, October 29

MasterBox's new images of their November offerings - boxing, babes & a new buggy to tempt you

MasterBox keep their relentless schedule up this coming month with some pictures of new kits coming out – these however have no guns, no fighting (well without gloves) and even no men in one of them – click on to see three of MasterBox’s new kits in production and soon to be on your modelling table

Sunday, October 28

A Starfire thing - our build of the F-94C Pt.I

WE were really excited to see Kittyhawk bringing out a new model of the F-94C Starfire in 1/48th scale injection moulded plastic – not as excited I suppose as Eth was to build it! Here we go with part one of a several part build of this new kit from a new company – we expect good things from the first impressions of the kit we saw – let’s see if it lives up to our expectations…

Saturday, October 27

Euro Militaire 2012 Pt. V – Two completely different types of "mounted" figure galleries….

We don't really see many mounted figures in the modelling world – mounted on flat frames that is! We love this type of “flat” modelling style which although looking hard to pull off I was assured it is a simple and fun way to model – we have included this along with all of the mounted figures we saw at the world’s leading modelling show held every year in England – the world famous Euro Militaire show!

Thursday, October 25

Verlinden Wooden Cable Drums 1/35th review and construction

Verlinden have many diorama products coming out every month – we thought when they were sending some drums we might need to brush up on our playing – little did we know we needed to bring cable instead!

Wednesday, October 24

Zotz 1/32 "The F-105F/G in Vietnam – Wild Weasels II at War” decal sheet reviewed

We don't have any decals in 1/32nd for the two-seat F-105F and F-105G Wild Weasel variants of the Thunderchief in print right now. Enter Zotz to the rescue – This allows us to now take you through the EIGHT different choices of aircraft on offer in our review. 

Tuesday, October 23

KFS Miniatures bolster US troop numbers….

 KFS miniatures continues to impress us with their second release after their ridiculously large rocket pods that sit on your truck or SUV – their latest figure is a US Soldier (modern) in 1/16th scale – we have the images and pictures of the kit unconstructed as well in our preview..

Monday, October 22

Euro Militaire 2012 Pt.IV– Model busts and (mostly) Civilian Vignettes..

Here we at The Modelling News we thought we would treat you to all small model busts that we saw at the Euro Militaire Modelling show on the weekend of the 22nd-23rd September in Folkestone southern England.

Sunday, October 21

Swedish subsonic spear – the Tarangus 1/48th Scale SAAB A32 Lansen A Pt. V - Eth finishes with a touch of class...

Now with the finish line in sight Eth brings us the final part of his build of the Saab Lansen in 1/48th from Tarangus - this time finishing and adding the excellent looking Photo Etch to turn humble beginnings into a little head turner - read on to see how it came out...

Friday, October 19

AK-Interactive's new products for October - refreshing is one word that comes to mind...

AK-Interactive has a great new bunch of weathering materials for your late war German tank, reference guides, a new brass burnishing fluid and even a new energy drink to keep me up at night writing this news for you! Click on in our preview to see the interesting new stuff AK has for improving your modelling skills…

Tuesday, October 16

Kagero release some really interesting titles this October

 Kagero is releasing two new books that look really interesting to modellers this month as well as number two in their new publication of the excellent series “Super Model International “ – So if you are a fan of the He-219 and the BMW R75 Motorcycle and Sidecar – who isn’t? – Well just read on Launches the "NEO Air for Iwata" compressor

Travelling? Just beginning as an airbrush “experten”? or maybe looking for a pressie for the young–un at Christmas maybe you need a basic compressor to suit your new NEO airbrush? Well has a small, light and easily transportable compressor which looks right down your street – read about their new "NEO Air for Iwata" compressor.

Friday, October 12

Euro Militaire 2012 Pt.III - Military Vehicles

One of if not arguably the best modelling show of it’s kind in the world we were able to attend and take lots of pictures of many of the categories – we thought we would show you the Military Vehicles  we saw on the weekend that impressed us ….

Thursday, October 11

We review Reid Air Publications "The Early Viper Guide: The F-16A/B Exposed"

The people from Reid Air Publications sure do love their F-16’s – they have no less than five titles covering this – the backbone of the airforces of the western world. The Fighting falcon or “Viper” as it is more commonly known by it’s pilots is arguably one of the prettier fighters of all time  - and whilst we wait for their new book on one of the less “pretty” planes (their new opus on the modern A-10) I thought I’d show you this little gem….

Wednesday, October 10

“Officier De Grenadiers En Surtout, 1808” by Diego Fortes - a one in a hundred preview

Miniature Fortes have released their new strictly limited figure in 1/24th scale – a figure called “Officier De Grenadiers En Surtout, 1808” we give you a quick preview so you can see it before it gets sold out!

Monday, October 8

Life Miniatures new bust - WW2 USMC 1st Division, Guadalcanal 1942 Preview

Hot on the heels of the first pieces from Life Miniatures (the 1/10 bust War Photographer Vietnam 1971 and Joachim Peiper) comes the latest in Sang Eon Lee’s magnificent range of figures. This one will suit the pacific WWII guys – or anyone who likes to model one of the “Leathernecks” – it is a bust of a WW2 USMC 1st Division marine from Guadalcanal 1942, we have the images in our preview.

Sunday, October 7

Euro Militaire 2012 Pt. II - Single Foot Figures

Here are the best of the Single Foot Figures in this the second part of the Euro Militaire Galleries we have (about 5 or 6 in total) from last weekend at Folkestone. (Single Foot means they are by themselves and they are on foot - not just a figure with one leg missing BTW)
There are plenty galleries - more to come over the next week or so - busts – larger figures-tanks & AFV’s -sci-fi and everything else that was there at the show!

Saturday, October 6

Swedish subsonic spear – the Tarangus 1/48th Scale SAAB A32 Lansen A Pt. IV – Decals and colours…

Eth is cracking along with his kit from Tarangus of the SAAB Lansen in 1/48th scale – he has shared his thoughts and pictures with us this weekend in his continued build of this nifty little kit…

Friday, October 5

The amazing L1500A Built up kit & the Parras surrender some new shots to us...

We have some of the latest test shots of the new (Mercedes-Benz) L1500A WWII German softskin Personnel Car from MiniArt – and we are open mouthed at the quality on store here – It looks like there is a new major Player out there in the Armour stakes – Dragon beware – the guys from the Ukraine are coming for you!!

Thursday, October 4

MasterBox 35107: 1/35th Scale “Head for the Huey” Review

“Get to ze chopuuuuuhhhh!!” ( Arnie accent) is immediately what came to mind when I saw this new kit from MasterBox in the Ukraine -  it features five special forces figures escaping from “Victor Charlie” somewhere in Vietnam ( or maybe next door in Laos?) anyway let’s look at the kit to see what if the chopper turns up…

Wednesday, October 3

MiniArt Kit no: 35107 - 1/35th German staff car type 170V Cabriolet B Review

MiniArt has sent us the new kit of their new (Mercedes) Type 170V Cabrio Saloon in 1/3th scale so we thought we would review it for you and you can maybe measure it up against the competition of soft-skin Mercedes 170’s on the market....

Tuesday, October 2

Euro Militaire 2012 PtI. Military Vignettes

Here are the best of the Military Vignettes at the world leading modelling show held every year in England – the world famous Euro Militaire show. More to come this week - busts - figures-sci-fi and everything else at the show!

Monday, October 1

Kittyhawk to release F-35"A" version & Mirage F-1 A/B in 1/48th

We have just received some (scant news) on two new releases from Kittyhawk Models – A new addition to the F-35 family in the “A” model – and the incoming release of the Mirage F-1 A and two seater B models – due in October – click on our preview for the shots…