Monday, April 29

MiniArt's four different houses in the country

MiniArt from the Ukraine has been hard at it with their newest releases – they have sent details of what they are best at – making diorama and building parts for their buildings in 1/35th scale – today we preview their latest kit which can be mde in four different layouts - No: 35558 - European Farmyard

Sunday, April 28

Get on your bikes and ride! Diopark is pedalling us two new pushies…

The use of pushbikes this century has been pretty prolific – their wide use in wartime has been turning on modellers recently with more pushies turning up in dioramas on modelling tables all round the world. Chinese company Diopark now have two different bikes in injection moulded plastic for us..

Saturday, April 27

Revell Of Germany's April releases are looking nice in our preview

Revell of Germany’s April Releases have now some added pictures to them so you can see a little better what is in store for you before you take the plunge – With ships, tanks and aircraft there is a variety of kits here – I bet you would like at least one of them….

Friday, April 26

Dragon's new 1.5 tonner is "PaK"ing some punch

Dragon are releasing the armoured truck Zugkrafteagen 1t with 5cm PaK 38 (Sf) cannon mounted on the rear deck – this new 1/35th kit with only some new parts that nether the less make it into a unique version of this vehicle – let’s have a look at what they have in store from us.

Thursday, April 25

Verlinden keep firing away with their April releases

Verlinden have been hard at work updating their website to make it easy to purchase straight from them - and latest product announcements in their blog – but the meantime they have been making some new models as well! Check out their new releases out in our preview…

Kagero's miniTopcolors 33: P-38 Lightning at War Part II reviewed

Kagero’s new “MiniTopcolors” book on the sleek Lockheed P-38 Lightning is with us for review today – not only is it just a small book but a decal package in all three major scales as well – covering eight different schemes there is a lot to cram into a small book – let’s have a more detailed look.

Wednesday, April 24

Preview - Ernst Udet in 1/16th scale from MiniArt

has more new releases on their plate this week – this time an interesting figure of the WWI flying ace in 1/16th scale Ernst Udet – here is what we have so far…

The Bf109 gets bigger! Valiant Wings bulk up their latest title..

Today we got some good news – The new Airframe and Miniature series book on the Bf 109 is going to be even larger! Good news about an important release in this great series – we have some more info from the publishers in our preview..

Tuesday, April 23

Kagero's latest books will have you reading instead of modelling in April

Kagero has sent the latest spiel showing off their new books set to keep your bank accounts ticking over – the wrong way – this month. From subs to Owls, new models to WWI fighters and Second World War battles – they seem to have it all covered…

Far from an open and shut case - Bronco sends pictures of their new built up Flakwaon

New from Bronco is their latest paper panzer Versuchsflakwagon 8.8cm Flak. 41Auf Sonderfahrgestell (Pz.Sf1.IVc) – a mouthful in anyone’s language the kit though looks a lot more appetising than the name sounds…

Monday, April 22

MiniArt's New L1500 (1.5t 4x2) Truck - we build and review it

MiniArt has sent us one of their latest L1500 (1.5T 4x2 ) trucks and cargo they have recently released. From the pictures we have seen they do want to take their softskins to the next level and they have been getting some good attention for it. Is this the way forward or is it too much for too small a project? Let’s build one…

Sunday, April 21

Revell Easykit 1/72 Millenium Falcon review

Before making models I was lucky enough to play with any Star Wars ™ figures I could get my hands on. The weathered space ships enthused me into a lifetime of being a modeller. The ships we were playing with were themselves inspired by the weathered machines of war. Now Revell have an “Easykit” of the famous Millennium Falcon – do we still feel the force to make it? 

Thursday, April 18

DACO's “Uncovering the Lockheed (T) F-104G Starfighter” reviewed

In-detail photographic reference and especially books that encompass a whole aircraft are a boon for model makers – there are a variety on sale with many genre types from different publishers in various qualities – Always on the lookout for better reference and seeing I hadn’t read a book from DACO Publications before – so why not start with their new title “Uncovering the Lockheed (T) F-104G Starfighter”

Wednesday, April 17

Wings of the Black Cross No 10 has landed and we have a preview for you...

Eagle Editions
in the USA are a well-known authority on WWII aviation and especially of German aircraft – so their publications are always much anticipated. Number ten of the “Wings of the Black Cross” is no exception – written by Mark Proulx and with some excellent images we are just as excited as everyone else. We have some sample pages and info for you…

They like short shorts! Dragon’s new mountain troops show their best assets this month

Dragon continue to release kits of subjects many find interesting (many will say ohh no more Germans) – this month they will release a new kit of Mountain troopers from the conflict in Crete - Operation Mercury…

Tuesday, April 16

I love Supermodels - especially chipped, sanded, filled and pre-shaded - Kagero SupermodeI International III reviewed..

Super Model International 2 has been a revelation as my favourite magazine of the year – we reviewed it a while ago – is this, the aircraft version a match for it’s armour specific companion? Let’s have a look…

Monday, April 15

AK Interactive’s new wares keep our engines running this month…

This Month AK Interactive has several new products –something for shipbuilders  engine weatherers, people needing a new palette and those wanting to have new and better answers to their frequently asked questions – it’s all here.

Saturday, April 13

Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF "Bunny Fighter Club" Kit Build & Review

The undoubtedly very talented reporter and sometimes modeller Gary Wickham sends us a report from the front lines of the former conflict zone in the Democratic Republic of Congo – What was the legacy of the "Carrot War “as it was called ? – and what is left now..

Tuesday, April 9

Its like fire and Ice for ICM this month..

Two new sets which will surely interest modellers are announced by ICM this month – some very ccccold Air Force soldiers and some piping hot firemen – and I mean that only in the fact that they are fighting fires – anyway we have the preview here today…

Monday, April 8

Eduard's 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.IXc (late) Kit Review.

Eduard have sent us one of their very early kits of the new Mk.IXc (late) Spitfires in 48th scale. To review such munch loved type and important release we went to a very knowledgeable Spitfire builder to review this – veteran of many a spitfire build campaign (at his count around twenty-two) – we thought who better to give the spit to build than “soon to be Mr 23” Mr Tony Prince. Today he reviews the kit for us before he builds it.

Saturday, April 6

We build the largest nuclear sub of the 1960's - in 1/72nd scale - the Revell Skipjack

Revell has just new kit of their 1/72 SKIPJACK class Submarine. Indeed all of the class are covered in this release and this very large kit has decals to match all of the ships in her class. We look at this large kit in today’s review and wonder where we can put it afterwards!

Friday, April 5

Stalingrad on the beach? New (very nice) figures for this month will tempt a few..

Stalingrad figures from Russia have a new bunch of figures available in three different types of settings – this month they have some Russian tankers and some high ranking Germans who have all turned up at the same beach!

HobbyBoss 2012 Releases..

HobbyBoss Products for December 2012

Wednesday, April 3

Are you “braying” for a new tracked ambulance and figures to match?

…well Dragon it seems has the answer to what ails you – the new 1/32th scale Maultier has been released as an ambulance version in 1/35th scale, and as a smart bit of marketing Dragon has also released two figure sets that go along rather nicely with this tracked mule…

Monday, April 1

We review the new Winston Churchill bust in 1/9th scale from Life Miniatures

Life Miniatures have sculpted a much loved and controversial figure this month. They have released in 1/9th scale the bust of none other than former Prime Minister of Great Britain Mr. Winston Churchill. We look him over - and his three head choices - in our review