Tuesday, February 28

Construction Review: Alpine Miniatures 1/35th scale German Panzer Crew Set

We seem to be seeing a lot more obscure vehicles in the latest 35th scale models coming out from many model companies. Reason says there is a need for crews to populate these vehicles. Alpine Miniatures has seen a need for some new early war Panzer crew, sold as singles or as a pair, these crewman look ok in the preview we have seen, but let's see how they look unpainted straight from the box and made up...

Monday, February 27

Read n' Reviewed: Abrams Squad #18 - Bringing us the best of modern warfare in 2017...

Abrams Squad has now given us an eighteenth issue – with this new magazine taking us into unfamiliar territory. Along with the usual 35th scale tanks, this instalment features both 48th and 72nd scale tanks and dios as well! Let's see how these different scales fit into this issue and what we thought about it.

Saturday, February 25

(A not much to) build review - 35th scale "Zombie Sweeper Girl" from Mob Miniatures

Another new 1/35th scale resin figure from Mob Miniatures is up for review today – This time a scantily-clad warrior woman who hunts the zombies. If you are worried about the lack of clothing, well she has protection - a large gun strapped to her leg! Let's put the puns aside and look at this new figure from the Biochemical Frenzy series...

Friday, February 24

Read n' Reviewed: Scrapyard Armour.Modelling Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard

A lot of you have probably heard of the authors of the book we reviewed today – Mark Neville, Andy Taylor and David Parker... These three modellers have been plying their trade for a long time, and know how to write, take photographs and most importantly turn out a good model. So when they teamed up to make a book that features the wrecked tanks from a Russian scrapyard we were hoping for the best. See what we thought about their new book "Scrapyard Armour.Modelling Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard"

Thursday, February 23

In-boxed: Amusing Hobby's 35th scale Jagdpanther II

Amusing Hobby carries on their line of paper panzers with one of the biggest hitters, and something that World of Tanks players will be familiar with, the mighty Jagdpanther II in 35th scale. We have some the kit to show you what is inside and what to expect before we start to build the kit (too late we have already started) Let's have a look at what's in the box.

Wednesday, February 22

Masterbox's new kits of March/April 2017 - GI's that are deprived & the bravest of the braves...

Today we have something a little different from the usual soldiers in WWII era this March/ April. Two kits from the 19th century series of Native American warriors on one hand and some people trying to make a living and take some R n' R from Vietnam, the choice is there from the always innovative Masterbox.

Tuesday, February 21

Read n' Reviewed: Wingspan Vol.2: 1/32 Aircraft Modelling from Canfora Publishing

We were very impressed with Volume I of the Canfora Publishing's "Wingspan" which we reviewed last year. So when we found out that Vol II of this series, again focussing on great 1/32nd aircraft model builds was on the way we were busting to look at what was inside. We got to read the book, and this is what we found...

Monday, February 20

In-Boxed: Paul looks at Bronco's new 35th scale Sd.Kfz 247 Ausf.A 6 Wheeled Armoured Car

The early war WWII-vintage German Sd.Kfz 247 was not made in great numbers - but that did not stop Bronco Models taking it on as an injection moulded kit. Paul already has one of these new models he is already building it, but before he shows us just how it goes together he paused to show you just what comes inside the box. Let's see what lies inside the box.

Sunday, February 19

MiniArt continue to improve as we can now see with their new item Catalogue for 2016-2018

Miniart has satisfied many with the new release of their Catalogue of items for 2017/8 - we have been looking on with a certain surprise as to their kit improvements since their inception, now it looks like they have arrived on the big time with some of the new releases for this year.  Let’s dive in to see what’s new from them in 2017…

Saturday, February 18

Paul's Guide to painting and weathering Panda Hobby's 35th scale 9K330 "Tor" Air Defence System

Today Paul completes his model of the new Panda Hobby 9K330 “Tor” Air Defence System in 1/35th scale. After his In-box review of the kit  & his construction guide all that is left to do is paint and weather his AFV - so let's see how he did it and in what colours in toady's Part III of the story...

Friday, February 17

Construction guide: Andy builds Meng's 35th scale Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger w/ Henschel Turret

Andy Moore has already given us an in-box review of Meng's new King Tiger in 35th scale, and today we see him guide us through just how to build the kit up. If you have any questions or thoughts about this kit this should be some interesting reading. Let's see how he put it together...

Thursday, February 16

In Boxed: Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer in 2700th scale from Zvezda

The latest Imperial Star Destroyer in 1/2700th scale from Zvezda was a real surprise to a lot of modellers, and a welcome one too! But not many people out there have seen reliable pictures fo what is in the box. Our man Li choo has one and he thought it only proper to show you all what was inside his kit so you can judge for yourself the quality. Let's see what he thought...

Wednesday, February 15

In Boxed: Bronco Models 35th scale Sturmgeschütz III Ausf E Sd.Kfz 142/1 (Eastern Front)

Paul has already built the brother to this new kit from Bronco, so we thought that he would be the best person to talk us through what’s in the box of his new 35th scale Sturmgeschütz III Ausf E (Sd.Kfz 142/1 Eastern front Edition) from Bronco Models. This kit promises metal barrel, Photo-etch and other small nice features. See what he thought tin his “In Boxed” review…

Monday, February 13

Read n' reviewed - Nuts & Bolts 37: Jagdpanzer IV L/48 (Sd.Kfz. 162)

Need news Nuts & Bolts on your Jagdpanzer IV? Well if you do need a new reference book on this much-liked tank destroyer, walkarounds, blueprints, period & new photos as well as modelling help on this TD, then you would include this as one of your go-to books in theory - but is it a worthy addition to the series? We have read it, so we can tell you all about this new book in our review...

Sunday, February 12

Trumpeter's new releases... turreted fighters, an Iraqi MBT, a ship with small aircraft & an aircraft with a small bit of a ship...

We thought we would show you some of Trumpeters new items just released, they are very interesting, and the best one we think may even be a ship model! See what you think about their latest in our new item preview...

Friday, February 10

Revell's new items of February - Choppers, Ships TD's, AFV's & Aircraft new & old this month...

The latest products from Revell have hit or are on the way to the shelves of your local hobby shop. We have the sprue shots and vital statistics in our February Revell new item preview...

Thursday, February 9

Build Guide Pt. II: Meng's 48th scale P-51D build

Gary Wickham has already given us his first impressions in a review,  and first part in a build guide of the possibly game-changing new Meng Models P-51D Mustang in 48th scale. This kit can go together without glue, & the construction is meant to be as simple as possible. Let's see what Gary did with his kit in Part II "how-to" build.

Tuesday, February 7

Size matters not with these new 1/6th scale Yoda & 1/144th scale AT-AT from Bandai coming soon…

To add to the other releases in 12th scale, Bandai has released a real risky one in the new Yoda model in injection moulded plastic - where as the other choice - an AT-AT Imperial Walker in 1/144th scale is a no-brainer! Let's take a look at these new kits in our preview…

Walkaround Nuremberg Toy Fair booths pt IV - the Wingnut Wings & Eduard Stands

The Nuremberg Toy Show  is now over,  but many reports from the event are still coming in - Today Charlie has sent us new pictures of Eduard & Wingnut Wings new items from the coming year, lots of great things to see at the Spielwarenmesse 2017

Monday, February 6

Airfix & MiniArt's new items from the coming year at the Spielwarenmesse 2017

The Nuremberg Toy Show  is nearly over,  and lots of reports from the event are coming in - Today Charlie has sent us new pictures of Airfix & MiniArt's new items from the coming year, lots of great things to see at the Spielwarenmesse 2017

Sunday, February 5

Dangerous men with hazardous hobbies – four new releases from Alpine Miniatures this Feb.

Alpine Miniatures gives us their second bust in 16th scale this month along with their normal 35th scale single and twin releases. Let's have a look to see a little more of what Alpine has coming to us this month...

Saturday, February 4

Italeri's Booth from the Nuremberg Toy show, 32nd scale F-35 preview & 2017 Catalogue

The Nuremberg Toy Show  is now in full swing, and lots of reports from the event are coming in - Today we show you Italeri's new items from the coming year, a great preview of their forthcoming large scale F-35 and those kits already available to see at their booth at the Spielwarenmesse 2017

Friday, February 3

New items on show from the Ammo/Takom/Kinetic and Trumpy/boss booths at Nuremberg

We have the first part in our little picture walk-arounds by our mate and well-known
n modeller Charlie Pritchett of the Nuremberg Toy Fair that is currently being held this week. Doors open to the public tomorrow, so we thought it was a good time to give you a sneak peek at some of the booths so far...