Friday, November 30

It's getting colder out - so Meng sends shots of their two cold-war kits built up to warm your heart

Meng from the Far East have supplied us some pictures of their latest creation – the 1/72nd G.91R Light Fighter-Bomber built up and painted – this little kit looks like it has lots of potential in the right hands – they have also released details a while ago about their second delta winged release in 1/72nd scale the delta Dagger (flown by Ex-President George Bush Sr. himself). We thought we would bring them both to you in our preview…

Thursday, November 29

From the big set – we review three of Stalingrad’s Latest figures from the battle of Velikiye Luki

Stalingrad resin figures from Russia have a great name for themselves in the modelling world for producing very original sculpts with great facial features and a certain charm and character to them – we will see for ourselves when we build three figures from their latest big set – soldiers from the Battle of Velikiye Luki on the eastern front of ‘42/’43….

Wednesday, November 28

Telford IPMS Scale Model World 2012 Pt. VII – Competition Armour/ AFV’s

Just when you thought we had run out of galleries there are more competition kits to show you – today the armour and soft-skinned vehicles which have been lovingly made into some really amazing models and Vignettes. Feast your eyes on this lot of impressive kits…

Tuesday, November 27

Andrea Miniatures latest - Dont go running around like a headless chicken this Christmas!

Andrea Miniatures gets into the festive spirit – with a Samurai, a gunfight at the OK Corral and Santa pops in as well in this December’s releases…

Monday, November 26

What’s your fantasy? Telford IPMS Scale Model World 2012 Pt.VI – Competition Fantasy/ Sci-fi Vehicles

We have lots more shots of the competition kits from 2012 Telford IPMS Scale Model World – Today we have more of the unusual but growing field of fantasy and sci-fi figures and vehicles – If you were to say before the competition to me that the Top prize at Telford this year would be won by a model of a “Steampunk” style model I would have told you that you were dreamin’……. Well it appears I am the one that needs a wakeup call!

Sunday, November 25

Tu-polev for the Road?

Xuntong Models from China has just released some details of their new Tupolev Tu-2 light bombers in 1/48th scale – and we have the pictures of the built up test kit for your Sunday leisure.

Friday, November 23

MasterBox 35550: 1/35th Scale “Attack!” Review

are known for giving us figure kits with some interesting poses and emotion – they have taken the cake it seems with this release – we couldn't just review it on the sprue – we had to build them – and their horses – for you….

Thursday, November 22

A Starfire thing - our build of the F-94C Pt.III

Our 1/48th Kittyhawk F-94C Starfire build with our man Eth at the desk  is nearly finished – we thought now would be a good time to present you with the part of the build that involve choosing colours and decalling .

Tuesday, November 20

Telford IPMS Scale Model World 2012 Pt.V – Competition Aircraft

We have lots more shots of the competition kits from 2012 Telford IPMS Scale Model World - figures tomorrow – but we thought we would show you more of the aircraft from the winners circle tables – they are all winners from where we stand!

Monday, November 19

Telford IPMS Scale Model World 2012 Pt.IV – Competition Aircraft

Today we can bring you more pictures of aircraft from the competition tables of IPMS Telford – one of the Premier Model making shows in the world and certainly the place to be if you are into this hobby – this gallery has more aircraft from the best of the best..

Sunday, November 18

Telford IPMS Scale Model World 2012 – Pt III Aircraft from the competition tables

We got the chance to venture to Telford in the UK this year for the annual IPMS ScaleModelWorld show – the largest in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s Premier modelling events – we will be showing you all of the work from the event daily this week Today we have some of the aircraft from the competition tables to show you – We hope it inspires you to pull something out of the stash this weekend!! More in every genre to come…

Saturday, November 17

October/November 2012 New items from Verlinden

Verlinden Productions have sent information and pictures of their products to be released in This month  2012 – Including some much needed 1/32 airfield dioramas and some well-crafted figure – and what monthly new collection would be complete without a stowage and accessory set???

Friday, November 16

Telford IPMS Scale Model World Pt.II – Dioramas & Vignettes

We are lucky enough to travel to Telford in the UK this year for the 2012 IPMS Scale Model World show – the largest in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s Premier modelling events – we will be showing you all of the work from the event. Today we have the Dioramas and the larger vignettes from every different area of model making. More in every genre to come…

Thursday, November 15

Review - EagleCals EC 147 - He 219 decals in 1/32nd scale

With the two new long awaited kits of the 1/32 scale He 219 “Uhu” from Revell out and the Zoukei-Mura kit coming out in the near future, you are torn really between the high-tech but more expensive version from Zoukei-mura (A-0) or the less expensive but less detailed internally Revell (A-7) boxing. The one choice you will not have to make however is with the decal choices – as Eagle Editions have you covered with both of the aircraft appearing on the one decal sheet – problem solved – now you can buy BOTH kits! Lets look at this sheet in our review...

Tuesday, November 13

Zotz 1/32 B-25J Mitchell at War Pt. II Decal Review

Zotz’ has released the second set of decals in 1/32nd scale “Gun Nose” decals to suit the HK B-25 kit – (The 32nd glass-nosed variants we reviewed here) There are some very well-known and much barracked for colour schemes as well as some less well known – let’s have a look at the sheet and see if Zotz are shooting straight with this set…..

Monday, November 12

Airframe & Miniature 4: “The Hawker Tempest– a Complete Guide to the RAF’s Last Piston Engine Fighter” by Richard A. Franks in review

Valiant Wings Publishing are pumping out titles pretty much as fast as I can read them – With a new book on the Hawker Sea fury on the way we went to Telford this weekend to pick up their latest book on the Hawker tempest – simply called “The Hawker Tempest– a Complete Guide to the RAF’s Last Piston Engine Fighter” by Richard A. Franks – we will see if the standard is being held up to the output in this review…

Sunday, November 11

Telford IPMS Kicks off - the first of our galleries in the Airfix Box-art theme

We are lucky enough to travel to Telford in the UK this year for the annual IPMS ScaleModelWorld show – the largest in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s Premier modelling events – we will be showing you all of the work from the event daily this week - starting with this most amazing Airfix box-art themed display stand by the guys at The Classic British Kits Special Interest group

Saturday, November 10

Review - Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks - 365th Fighter-Bomber Group in Words, Pictures and Illustrations

Every now and then here we review a book that just leaves us with that “wow” factor – there have been four or five I have read that simply are the best in their field and this book is one of them…
If you want to know more about why this book impressed me so much then read this review

Friday, November 9

Not going to IPMS Telford this year? Eagle Editions can make up for it…

Don't worry – a lot of people can't go – but don't think you are missing out just because you cannot get there – Eagle Editions has a great 15% off sale to console you – and we have the details for you…

We review (& partially construct) the Revell 1/32 He-219 A-7/A-5/A-2 late "UHU"

There is once again a large scale battle on to win the night skies over Germany – Large in scale meaning the 1/32nd market. Our two contestants - the Zoukei Mura He-219 in the blue corner – with a high price tag but high detail to accompany that – and in the red corner the He 219 from Revell, boasting nearly as much detail but a much easier to swallow price tag. Who wins the battle?? Well we have the Revell kit here to examine today – we will see if it kit can match it with the best in our review…

Thursday, November 8

Stalingrad completes the "German Winter infantry Series" with extra resin releases and a peasant girl from warmer climes joins in...

Stalingrad resin figures from Russia have two new collections to their newest line of figures - One a Russian Peasant girl in summer and another large set which they have  added some images of new figures that complete the set that depicts the German soldiers defending the Village of Velikiye Luki on the Eastern front in the cold winter of 1942-3 – the figures are as nice as they are diverse – we also have the story and some pictures which served as the inspiration to this set in our preview…

Wednesday, November 7

Eduard’s New Releases for November 2012 - Some great reasons to stay in...

Eduard from the Czech Republic have a great bunch of kits and modelling supplies for you to fill your stash with in the month of November -  another great excuse to stay inside this winter - or indeed summer if you live down south…

Tuesday, November 6

Valiant Wings Publishing have let loose a Tempest

After the release of their He 219 book the people at Valiant Wings have now officially released their new book on the  the Hawker Tempest – You have until Midnight tonight to secure free shipping on your pre-order - we have the details in our short preview…

Barracuda Studios' excellent new wheels for your 48th Mustang & 72nd Blenheim kits

Just in time for Telford IPMS in the UK Roy from Barracuda Studios has released details on four new sets of aftermarket replacements – (with four more to come tomorrow) Roy from Barracuda will take you through the details of his beautiful replacement wheels for your 1/48th Mustang and your 72nd scale Blenheim..

Finally some more Injection moulded figures for the plane guys in 1/32 from Masterbox

Do you have a new 1/32 scale aircraft kit but don't want a large scale price tag for the figures to go with it? Well MasterBox has sent shots of their second 1/32 figure kit.. “Pilots of Luftwaffe, WWII era” to fill that gap..

Monday, November 5

We review the Life Miniatures Joachim Peiper bust in 1/10 scale

Sang-Eon Lee’s new company Life Miniatures has released a photo-realistic large scale (1/10th) bust of the controversial figure of Joachim "Jochen" Peiper. Peiper - an SS commander during WWII was tried and convicted for being in command of troops who participated in the “Malmédy Massacre”. Well we will cut past these other considerations and show you this bust as it comes in its box – we also put it together to show you the finer details

Saturday, November 3

Nick’s Wounded Revell Panther springs from the box…

Our youngest modeller here - (and a prize-winning modeller to boot) Nick takes us through his build of the New Revell Panther in this interesting and revealing build article – what have the rest of us been doing all these years??

Thursday, November 1

We make our own country road from MiniArt...

MiniArt has sent us a diorama of their latest countryside diorama kit – a vac-form job with a broken cart in styrene on the side to give it some depth – we take a look at the kit and give it a quick build to see how good a basic kit like this can look in a very short time.