Saturday, February 28

Italeri has four new kits for us in March...

Italeri has four new items for February that tick a few boxes for different modellers in scales and Genres - A flashy rescue chopper, a wargamaing Tiger, a wet Sherman and a Colt called Annie – See what’s new all in today’s preview…

Thursday, February 26

Review: 51 Studio’s new 1/16th Erwin Rommel Figure.

Erwin Rommel - A legendary General in the annals of military history and a German Hero. This legend was mostly known for his deeds with the Afrika Korps and he is often replicated. We take a look to see if new figure maker 51 Studio’s 1/16th figure is a good representation or not…

Wednesday, February 25

Masterbox’s three new kits are full of human drama

Masterbox is keeping up with their release schedule – three new kits of varied types make up their March new items which will tempt a few model builders and stash collectors. These three have a lot of emotion in them – let’s take a look shall we…

Tuesday, February 24

Build review: Legend Productions 1/35th scale M8 Greyhound Stowage set

OK we made him do it – Clayton was busy as a bee making all the other kits he has in his production line, but we thought that he should take a look at the M8 Greyhound Stowage set from Legend productions. You see he was making the “little to simplified” Italeri kit of the Greyhound in 35th and it needed a spruce up – was Legend’s add-on resin just what the doctor ordered or a heart failure? Let’s take a look…

Monday, February 23

We look at the latest issue of Military Miniatures in Review - Issue #62.. in today's review

Ampersand Publishing has their latest Military Miniatures in Review has already hit the stands – the new magazine is full of builds and reviews of a great standard so we thought we would read it and take a few snaps to show you what Issue #62 has to offer….

Sunday, February 22

Construction Review: MasterBox 3535160 “German Panzer Crew WWII Era”

MasterBox have released another set of German tank men from WWII. This is another set of resting tank men in their casual uniforms at work. What makes them any different to what we have already seen from other model companies or indeed previous Masterbox releases? Let’s put them together and see shall we?

Friday, February 20

Review - Landscapes of War - Greatest Ever Guide - Dioramas

A while ago we had the pleasure of getting our hands on "Airplanes in Scale -The Greatest Guide" from  Accion press, we really admired the models and structure in the book. Now something for the land-lubbers at long last – the new book “Landscapes Of War. Diorama vol 1. - Greatest guide series.” looks to give the same great guidance as the aircraft book – let’s have a look at this forthcoming title in today’s review…

Thursday, February 19

First quarter finished already? Hasegawa's new releases for april

Hasegawa have sent us their list of items for April already - which means you have plenty of time to clean off what is on your workbench to try out one of these - but do you want to build them? Let’s have a look…

Wednesday, February 18

New U-boat Im focus – Issue 11 available now -pictures and info in our preview...

 After treating us to the regular “Luftwaffe Im Focus” and  tittles Like the “Barkhorn” book we looked at a while ago, we now have a new “U-boat Im Focus” book for all the sub-mariners out there - we have some preview images and contents info for you…

Tuesday, February 17

Roll out the red carpet - Royal Models new items coming out from Italy for your proposed diorama..

Royal Model from Italy have released a number of very nice new diorama accessories and materials that will add some great detail to your new set-piece. Click on to see these new lovely pieces in our preview…

Monday, February 16

Mantis Miniatures new sets look dressed to kill and the animals look dead-scared!

The two new figures sold as individuals or in a set from Mantis Miniatures look quite dapper indeed – these two tankers from the great war  look more in place on the high street than in battle – how we dress down now-days! These two in 35th scale as well as two animal sets are new from Mantis today…

Sunday, February 15

The new HK Mosquito..Gary does a dry fit on his test kit's 'pit.

In the quest to build the new Hong Kong Models 1/32nd scale Mosquito and receiving a test kit to do just that, Gary is still not 100% sure on his choice of final markings and indeed the test mossie being almost but not the final release. Until we get the parts to keep going Gary thought he would get together a few pictures of the dry-fit of the cockpit and cabin so far to show you some first impressions from this kit..

Saturday, February 14

“Leave it out” AMMO’s February items don’t beat around the bush…

Ammo from Mig Jimenez has covered new ground with this new decoupage of flora to cover most of your proposed bases of terrain. Simple sets that and be mixed and matched let’s take a look at these brand new dio accessories..

Friday, February 13

Five new items from Verlinden to bring some light into your life..

Verlinden’s February items are power packed and illuminating, maybe they can be loaded into your shopping cart and fuel your desire for illumination = Verlinden’s February 2015 new item preview…

Thursday, February 12

Steve Budd's build of Airfix’s new 48th scale Battle of Britain kits .

If you know his build of the 24th scale Typhoon you will be familiar with Steve Budd’s work – we had the privilege of him sending us pictures of the built up all new Spitfire and Hurricane along with the Albion and Bedford trucks and the pilots and ground crew that create a lovely scene of the Battle of Britain 1940. Let's have a look...

Wednesday, February 11

Good things in small packages - Fortes Miniatures first release in 1/35th scale

Diego Fortes from Fortes Miniatures has gone down a size – in scale at least – with their first 35th scale figure of a World War I figure of a German Panzer Crewman in 1917. Let’s look at his new creation painted and unpainted in today’s Preview…

Miniart wins some awards and decides to come clean about their new kits…

At the recent Nuremburg Toy Fair Miniart took away two kit of the year awards from Modelfan Magazine – well deserved we thought – but more exciting for us is the images and links of a great deal of their new releases for a good part of this year. Let’s have a look at what is coming from these award winners…

Tuesday, February 10

New colour road-test: Painting acrylics Hataka Style

A new paint company has launched a very professional line of acrylic paints covering many genres,theatres of war and shades - called Hataka, this new Polish company has sent Nic some paints to test out - what better way than to make a kit with them and see if they meet our expectations...

Monday, February 9

A new website and four new kits for February from Hobbyboss…

Hobbyboss' February items - mostly for the tank guys but a specter of a Helix that will get nearly all modellers interest... Let's have a look...

Sunday, February 8

“Superking” Building Trumpeter’s 1:16th Scale King Tiger review

David Parker graces some of the best model magazines around with his skilful builds of models and dioramas. His current high water mark is the King Tiger he made over three and a half years. To mark the completion of this award winning model he has immortalized in in a new opus called “SUPERKING” – Let’s have a read of it to see if it is indeed the King…

Saturday, February 7

It's a hot winter somehwere - AK Interactive's February item preview

AK Interactive has several different sets to add to their catalogue this month of February. Something for everyone in the way of Aussie enthusiasts, SS Specialists, Modern French painters, Rusted realists and Burnt believers – there is something for all it seems. Let’s take a look…

Friday, February 6

Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAS - Build Review Pt II: Painting and finishing

Gary Wickham has shown us the finished product of his 48th scale Freedom models X-47B UCAS build in his gallery glamour shots, as well as the first half of his build of the pilot-less aircraft, but now it’s time to go back to the build and finish it - (withholding any accidents ruining the whole thing). Let’s see how he did it in Pt II

Thursday, February 5

Three for III - Peko Publishing Sturmgeschütz III on the battlefield 3 - World War Two Photobook Series

Part three already? Most book publishers would struggle to get past one good volume of mostly unseen photographs and text to match it but PeKo Publishing seems to keep on making quality books – let’s look at Volume three of their new StuG III books

Wednesday, February 4

Review: Sang Eon Lee sculpts Marilyn in a new bust for Life Miniatures.

It seems Sang Eon Lee from Life Miniatures has yet again outdone himself and our expectations – he has made a sculpt of Marilyn Monroe as his latest release that has got a lot of people excited. Let’s have a look at her to see if she is as beautiful in resin in our review... 

Monday, February 2

Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAS - Build Review Pt I.

Gary Wickham has shown us the finished product of his 48th scale Freedom models X-47B UCAS build, but now it’s time to go to school and learn just how he achieved the results you might have seen in the gallery glamour shots. Let’s see how he did it in Pt I

Sunday, February 1

Alpine highlights the risks of smoking with their two new figures in 35th scale

Alpine Miniatures has released a new set of two German Panzer Men figures in 1/35th scale – we thought you would like to see these two  as they are both wounded and are slightly different to most tanker figures on the market. Let's put them together to show you how they build up both separately and together in today’s review