Monday, January 30

MiniArt News - Interesting new figures and something to pull out your big guns with

MiniArt have given us some very basic info on their latest kits to be released in the next month or so - to add to their dioramas series they have  releases many different sets of figures from different nations as well as a new Soviet artillery tractor - lets have a look at the pictures and work out a bit about what's in store for us in the next few months...

Italeri's latest releases - You could park your boat on one of them !

Italeri Have sent news of a few kits we thought would be interesting for release this month. Something for Military and Aircraft lovers alike. Straight away i noticed this excellent base to suit some of their excellent ship releases  as well as the re-tooled Autoblinda AB 40 Ferroviaria in 1/35 as well.

Sunday, January 29

Updates from the Eduard Blog – Bf 109E-1 assemblies and completed kit teaser.

With their latest previews of the Bf-109E-1 in 1/48th scale Eduard continue to impress. Their campaign on facebook and their excellent blog keep bringing us new images of this very popular aircraft being given the star treatment by it's creators - click on the link below to see what is going on from the Eduard team themselves...

Friday, January 27

Review - MiniArt 35118 “British Tank Riders (NW Europe)”


Well if you were to look at this box art you wouldn’t be upset at the Sarn’t Major for calling this lot a bunch of “lollygagging Layabouts” – but the REAL story is they are riding on a tank and that is the reason for their sitting down poses – let’s look at this new set from MiniArt now to see whether they are truly ready for battle!

Thursday, January 26

All the latest news from Osprey Publishing

Time for the the industry standard Osprey Publishing's  monthly newsletter - this month there is lots n the way of freshly released titles and soon to come releases as well as out of stock books back from the printers and several other discounted titles - click on the green link below to see all that's cracking at Osprey  Publishing this month...

Review - J’s Work Kit “Trunk of a Palm Tree”

J’s Work from the far east have hit the market with a busy flourish of releases of plastic and paper diorama accessories to top of your newest vignette – today we “palm” off a review of a tall and slightly leaning to the side resin kit of a Palm Tree – read on..

Wednesday, January 25

Review - MasterBox kit 35101: 1/35th Polizei-Kubelsitzwagen ab 1937

Six months ago we had the privilege here at TMN to review and then to build and paint the excellent 100th kit from MasterBox from the Ukraine – the Tourenwagen 170V in 1/35th scale – and what a great little kit it was!Since then the world of softskins has literally blown up with different model makers releasing their take on various German cars of WWII – In this – an updated version of that first kit of the 170V can MasterBox bring something a little different to the table? Let’s see…

Tuesday, January 24

CyberHobby 1/35 Kingtiger Henschel Turret, "Black Knight" Series #5, included 2 figures

Here we news of the latest cyberhobby kit of the KingTiger from “Die Erzahlung Des Schwarzen Ritters” or the "Black Knight" series. - This the 5th in the series of tanks taken from the fictitious comic from the pen of Motofumi Kobayash represents the last tank used by the Von Bauer - the black Knight - and now Cyberhobby have rendered it in 1/35th scale - its time we had a look! 

Review - J’s Work Kit “Typical Leaf 2” Paper Plant kit

J’s Work from China have given started strongly with many products in their diorama accessories – we have already looked at their Cardboard boxes  in various scales and their 1/35 Modern Military Equipment Set – now it’s time plant our feet – brush aside all else and leaf it all to us… ok click below for the review – ill stop now – I'm bushed!

Monday, January 23

Review – MasterBox kit 3598- LRDG in North Africa, WWII

Master box have sent us some more new releases – Released from them we had last month a Vietnam era set and today for something completely non-sequiter we will look in depth at the MasterBox kit 3598- LRDG in North Africa, WWII - depicting the LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) in North Africa, It’s fair to say that we don’t have enough figures from either of these eras so any release will be gladly received.....but will these?

Saturday, January 21

Stalingrad's new mortar crew look like they are getting fit for the new year!

Stalingrad model figures from Russia have turned out a few great sets of figures for the the market - either to be sold separately or as a large package for a diorama they have some of the finer castings in the business - have a look at their latest figures of a Mortar crew, ammo carriers and and NCO (of course to tell them all what to do) by clicking on the link below...

Review - SMI Library 3 - North American P-51D/K Mustang and Cavalier F-51D Conversion from Kagero

PhotobucketFor the most hyped and then arguably the best loved aircraft kit of the year in 1/32 scale the Tamiya Mustang came a whole list of accessories and interest. Released late last year was this worthy edition from book and decal makers Kagero called “North American P-51D/K Mustang and Cavalier F-51D Conversion” which – as the title says covered the P-51D right through to the K and Cavalier F-51D Mustang. Packed with great pictures and drawings and in depth info what could top it all off? Well how about decals in 1/72, 1/48th and 1/32 scales? Let’s see if the result is as good as the premise…

Friday, January 20

Decal Review – Dutch Decal No: 32013 P-51D/K Mustang MLKNIL/RNEIAAF:

Dutch Decal from the Netherlands have not only given us their new book “A Modeller’s guide: P-51D/K Mustang Photo File (ML-KNIL/RNEAAF)” This month but have also made the decals to Match! Just in time for the 1/32 Tamiya P-51kit these decals look to give you an interesting edge over others at the judging table and a talking point with friends who may have not even seen a mustang in Dutch colours before. Let’s take a look

Wednesday, January 18

Review – Dutch Profile A Modeller’s guide: P-51D/K Mustang Photo File (ML-KNIL/RNEAAF)

The very interesting book and decal makers Dutch Profile from the Netherlands bring us a new addition to the realm of products that have come out for the 1/32 Tamiya Mustang this year. Their new book (and the separately sold accompanying decals we will look at in another review) certainly look like a worthy addition to further uniquify (is that a word?) your new masterpiece P-51 – to make it a standout from everyone else’s with such a different bunch of schemes – first you need someone to do the research when doing such exotic subjects - Let’s look at this book detail to see if the promise is as good as the outcome…

Tuesday, January 17

Review - Alpine Miniatures 35132: 1/35 German Panther Crew Set (2 Figures)

PhotobucketAlpine Miniatures have sent us their latest set of two single figures combined to make a matched pair in the set 35132: 1/35 German Panther Crew Set. This features a full bodied tank commander and his Machine gunner/ radio operator crewman who is ¾ bodied. Sure to be a popular subject with modellers we'll examine them to see if the quality is at the usual benchmark that Alpine themselves have set.

Sunday, January 15

Review – Storming The Bombers - A chronicle of JG4 - The Luftwaffe’s 4th fighter wing Vol. 2 1944-45

We don’t go to the trouble of reading too many books here if we can help it (They tend to get in the way of modelling) but this one was a special case, coming in at 232 pages – this title Storming The Bombers - A chronicle of JG4 - The Luftwaffe’s 4th fighter wing Vol. 2 1944-45 – is the second part of the history of the Luftwaffe’s JG4 and is written by Luftwaffe historian Erik Mombeeck . 

Well bound on quality paper stock this tome promises thoughly researched pages packed with the accounts of this famous unit & great pictures of the aircraft and the pilots who flew them. Tempted? - well we just couldn't not say no – click the link below to see what we learned about the book.

Thursday, January 12

Review J's Work 1/35 Modern Military Equipment set

From J'sWork Model we have a new set of modern military equipment, this looks like a must for anyone building a modern AFV or scene, but will the set live up to expectations? Or will we feel "Ill equipped"? Let’s have a look.

Wednesday, January 11

Review – MasterBox kit 3599 – “Patrolling” Vietnam War series

Master box have very kindly sent us their Vietnam era set - It’s fair to say that we don’t have enough figures from this era so any release will be gladly received. - lets have a look if they are up to the usual MasterBox standard...